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Wordle 415: August 8, 2022 Hints & Answer


August 8th’s Wordle contains two vowels which can be a bit tricky for players to discover. But using a different strategy might help solve the puzzle.

August 8th’s Wordle answer could be guessed in a few attempts, even though it contains two vowels. The solution to Wordle 415 is a fairly common word that most players may have heard often on the news and even in workspaces. However, what makes today’s Wordle answer challenging to solve is the placement of the two vowels within the answer. Since the vowel features are in odd positions, it could cause some players to use all of their attempts and sacrifice their daily streak. However, if players require the answer or some hints that might help them solve today’s answer, they can use some of the clues below. 


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What’s great about today’s Wordle answer is that it does not feature a double or repeating letter anywhere. This makes it easier to solve today’s puzzle; however, players still need to be careful when using their regular starting words. The best way to solve today’s answer would be to play Wordle in hard mode. This will let players solve today’s Wordle answer a bit more efficiently once they start discovering letters in correct positions. Once a few letters in correct positions have been found, players will be able to solve today’s answer with ease, even if they have a few attempts left. 

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Today’s Wordle Hints (August 8th #415)

Wordle Moves To New York Times

Due to today’s word containing two vowels, it can get particularly confusing for players to guess today’s Wordle answer without using hints. Unfortunately, Wordle does not give any hints apart from the five boxes that change colors, which can get frustrating for players if the right word doesn’t come to mind. However, these three hints below may just help players figure out the solution:

  • Hint 1: someone who isn’t in good physical or mental condition 
  • Hint 2: make something or someone unsuitable
  • Hint 3: not adapted to a purpose

The best strategy to solve today’s Wordle answer would be to figure out the positions of the two vowels. Once players discover them, they can then focus on discovering the correct positions of consonants which can be tricky. However, once players discover the correct position of these four letters, the answer will become obvious to them. 

Today’s Wordle Answer (August 8th #415)

The August 8th Wordle answer is UNFIT

UNFIT is usually used to describe anything or someone who isn’t fit for the job. For example, most flimsy shows are unfit for hiking purposes, whereas people can be physically or even mentally unfit to carry out specific tasks or jobs. When attempting today’s Wordle puzzle, the lucky word that helped identify the correct spot for three letters was “UPLIT.” Once the correct positions of the three letters were known, it was easy to guess UNFIT for today’s Wordle puzzle. 

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