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Wordle Answer & Hints #513 (November 14, 2022)


November 14th’s Wordle answer is about a tree grown to make a very popular syrup that pairs well with pancakes.

November 14th’s Wordle puzzle is now available for players to attempt and can be solved easily using strategic starting words. Today’s answer is a type of leaf that is an emblem of Canada and is grown for its sugary sap.

If players cannot identify the answer using the above hint, here are some other clues that players can use to solve the daily Wordle puzzle without outright cheating.

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Puzzle Hints (November 14th #513)

Wordle October 16th 484 Completed Answer board with the letters removed

  • Hint 1: a type of large tree that grows in northern areas of the world
  • Hint 2: pancakes and ____ syrup (fill in the blanks)
  • Hint 3: Found on the Canadian national flag


Letter Hints (November 14th #513)

Wordle 510 November 11 Letters

1st Letter

2nd Letter

3rd Letter

4th Letter

5th Letter

Today’s Answer (November 14th #513)

Wordle Puzzle on a Smartphone

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