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X-Men Has Officially Destroyed An Iconic Marvel Team’s Reputation

In the latest issue of Wolverine, Beast has truly ruined the reputation of X-Force in the Marvel Universe, so much so that it may never be redeemed.

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for Wolverine #28

In the latest issue of Marvel Comics’ Wolverine, a classic member of the X-Men has epically ruined the reputation of X-Force, the mutant nation of Krakoa’s primary security team. Deciding that Logan is much better as a mindless weapon, Hank McCoy’s Beast has turned Logan into his attack dog complete with a dark obedience collar. Beast has effectively brainwashed Logan to be his unfeeling assassin in the name of “protecting Krakoa and mutantkind”. However, Wolverine can only be controlled for so long, and one mistake has led to a massive international incident.


As seen in the new Wolverine #28 from Benjamin Percy and Juan José Ryp, Beast’s pet Wolverine was too eager during an unsanctioned assassination mission. Not waiting for Beast to turn off the cameras, Logan was recorded murdering a US general who’d been proposing military strikes to seize Krakoa’s resurrection technology. As if Wolverine’s noted absences from the rest of X-Force weren’t suspicious enough, the rest of the team has begun to notice something’s not right as Beast’s darkness progresses to outright villainy, torturing and manipulating Wolverine in secret to such as degree that Logan might as well be back in the Weapon X program.

Beast Has Fully Corrupted X-Force (and Wolverine)

Wolverine Creates Massive X-Force Crisis

Thankfully, the living island of Krakoa itself is being teased as the one who will free Logan from Beast’s control in the issues to come. Likewise, Wolverine seems to be the only one capable of stopping Beast, having seen the full picture of what Hank’s been up to with his series of preemptive strikes against merely potential threats to Krakoa, no longer caring about the moral implications by any means. Also, Beast has been incredibly good at covering his tracks.

While one would think that Beast’s time as X-Force’s leader would be over after being so publicly exposed in this issue, Hank turns the tables after being summoned to a public hearing for questioning. Rather than X-Force and Krakoa being indicted, Beast blames the murder on X-Desk, the CIA’s secret task force for mutant affairs who were recently discovered building robotic doppelgängers of the X-Men. As such, there’s enough truth in his lies for Beast to keep X-Force in the clear despite its rampant corruption.

It’s only a matter of time before Wolverine is freed from Beast’s control. Once that happens, there’s no doubt he’ll be heading straight for Hank for more than a simple conversation. The adamantium claws will be coming out. As such, perhaps Beast will finally be dethroned from his role leading X-Force, and Logan can being the hard work of redeeming the classic Marvel team. Wolverine #28 is on sale now from Marvel Comics.

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