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Yoga Poses To Target Different Parts Of The Body

When it comes to a healthy body, it means we are totally fit and none of the body parts are affected by any issues but are you sure you are healthy enough to perform all tasks easily? As we all know everybody’s part has its own significance and if you don’t pay attention to it all will start disturbing you at any point of time. 

How do we care about our A-Z body parts altogether? Well, there is nothing better than yoga, as it works on your whole body, not just one specific part. So, you don’t need to fix your days as legs day, arms day, abdomen day or anything else as yoga poses will cover up everything. If you would like to stay fit and perfect all the time, start your day with yoga as it will be very effective and offer great returns. Try this out for the workout of each and every body part. Why don’t you go on a yoga retreat in Costa Rica and try the best poses that strengthen and open major muscle groups? Here, find out yoga poses for specific parts of your body, including your lower back to your hamstrings and more also moving up with the sequences and step-by-step pose instructions will surely enhance your practice as follows-

Downward facing dog

If you want to be in the pose which covers up all of your body parts and makes them healthy and powerful, this is the right pose to be tired of. To be in the pose begin with the mountain pose and now bend your knees and hands down to the floor. Now, spread your hands out about 3-4 feet in front of your toes and now push your palms, lift your hips up toward the sky. Keep your gaze toward your legs and press your chest toward your thighs to create a nice flat back. This will use all of your body parts and make you feel healthy. It helps in stretching the shoulders, along with the hamstrings, calves, arches of the feet and hand and best to tone the arms and legs.

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Plank pose

Another pose that will take your different body parts is the plank pose. This is the pose best to tone the deltoids along with the entire abdominal wall and quadriceps. You will need to be on your tiptoes, rolling over them, and be in a high push-up position. Pause and go with deep breaths, making sure your wrists are directly in line under your shoulders, heels are pointed towards the sky and hips are lowered and in line with the rest of your body. Your gaze must be a few inches in front of your fingertips, everything should be in a straight line – your head, neck, and back. You can learn all these postures easily by joining a yoga school in Rishikesh & choosing a course that fits your needs.

Wide squat

Stand with your feet and your hips should be slightly wider than usual. Now bend your knees and lower your hips toward the ground as well as bring your palms together at your heart centre. Your elbows must be against the inside of your knees, helping to open the hips even further and your all weight must be on your heels, lengthening the crown of the head up toward the ceiling, and be in the same pose for five deep breaths.

Forward Bending Pose 

This pose influences different parts and works toward gravity bringing relaxation in the body. It provides calming effects on the mind, which is very much needed in modern life today which is nothing less than sedentary. Forward bending poses removes all stiffness and make the back healthy and flexible. 

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Also, camel pose, side fierce, three-legged downward dog, extended tabletop and various other poses will help you and your A-Z body parts to be used up and stay in a healthy position.

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