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Young Sheldon Makes Its Big Bang Theory Finale Tribute More Heartbreaking


Sheldon’s stance about his future on the Young Sheldon season 6 fall finale makes The Big Bang Theory finale tribute more heartbreaking.

Warning! Spoilers ahead for Young Sheldon season 6.

The Young Sheldon season 6 fall send-off makes its The Big Bang Theory finale tribute more heartbreaking. Aside from revealing new information about his time living with his family in Texas, Young Sheldon also shows childhood experiences that helped shaped his adult view of the world. That includes his difficulty in making social connections as seen when nobody showed up during his Nobel Prize listening party on Young Sheldon season 2 finale. Seeing Sheldon cry alone in George’s garage was already painful to watch, and somehow CBS, just made it so much worse.


Sheldon’s arc on Young Sheldon season 6 includes creating a grant database, but the process has become so much more complicated than it should be when some people at East Texas Tech attempt to cash in on his project. The whole ordeal may be the reason why Sheldon is worse on TBBT than its prequel as the boy genius learns to look after himself. Aside from that, however, the experience also sheds a light on how he views his future, knowing full well about his preferences and underdeveloped social skills which harkens back to Young Sheldon‘s The Big Bang Theory finale tribute.

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Young Sheldon’s Big Bang Theory Finale Tribute Showed His Vulnerable Side

Young Sheldon ruins its touching Big bang theory finale tribute

In 2019, The Big Bang Theory wrapped up its 12-season run with Sheldon achieving his lifelong dream of winning the Nobel Prize. It was undoubtedly the best send-off for the character, and in an effort to draw a parallel to that, Young Sheldon shows him a couple of decades earlier, extremely lonely at home because no one showed up at his Nobel listening party. This experience may have likely shaped his skepticism about what his future could look like, presuming that he will be alone his whole life. As he revealed on the Young Sheldon season 6 fall finale, he doesn’t see himself getting married or having kids.

Young Sheldon Shows How Important His TBBT Friends Really Are To Him

The Big Bang Theory Finale Group Shot as they look sad

Sheldon and Amy marked the final time that the Coopers physically appeared on The Big Bang Theory. Despite the nerd-centric sitcom saving arguably Sheldon’s biggest moment in the finale, CBS opted not to bring back Mary, Missy, and George again, which is a shame. That being said, this also made sense in terms of its storytelling. Sheldon achieving his dream in front of the Pasadena gang emphasizes that they have essentially become his family. They tolerated, guided, and cared for him for years. Considering young Sheldon’s belief that he will forever be alone, meeting his California friends is nothing short of a miracle for him.

This effectively explains why the Coopers weren’t on TBBT finale. Despite an emotionally satisfying send-off for the nerd-centric sitcom, not seeing Sheldon’s family was a big mystery, especially since it was previously established that he maintained a great relationship with them despite years of animosity with Georgie — something that’s being set up on Young Sheldon. Simply put, The Big Bang Theory finale didn’t need to focus on the Coopers, but on the Pasadena gang, which was why the cap-off episodes played out the way they did.

Young Sheldon season 6 airs Thursdays on CBS.

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