Ways to utilize Instagram Live Streams to Increase Your Followers


According to a survey by Livestream and New York Magazine, 82% of people would rather watch a live stream than a social media post. The numbers are pretty clear that going live on Instagram is one of the best ways to connect with your audience.

You can connect with your audience through your posts or other Instagram features like Stories. But unlike pre-recorded Instagram Stories, Instagram live streams are a more transparent and authentic way to connect with your audience. You can use Instagram live streams to showcase the human side of your brand and generate higher engagement levels. With Instagram live streams, your audience can post their comments and questions in real time, making it one of Instagram’s most interactive features.

So, can you use live broadcasts to increase your Instagram followers? Yes you can.

If you’re new to Instagram livestreams, these tips will help you attract, grow, and engage your Instagram followers.

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Inform your followers in advance

When it comes to Instagram live streams, timing is everything. You don’t want to create a live stream without an audience. That’s why your viewers need to know when to watch your live stream.

Promoting your Instagram livestream is extremely important if you want to secure those important insights. The more views you get, the higher your chances of increasing your Instagram follower count.

Did you know that you can schedule Instagram Live up to 90 days in advance? Consider posting countdown posts on your Instagram Feed in the days leading up to your live stream to build anticipation in your audience. In addition, by using the countdown sticker feature, you can ensure that your followers record the day and time, so that there is a high participation during your live broadcast.


Choose the right time to start the live broadcast

Choosing the right time to start streaming can make your live streams more successful and increase your follower count. You should perform Instagram live broadcasts when your audience is most active. You can welcome up to three forces to be reckoned with to bestow the screen to you. Under the Audience tab, you get a breakdown of when your followers are most active online.

Go live with like-minded collaborators

Collaborating with industry influencers is an excellent way to expand the reach of your Instagram live streams. These are people your audience is familiar with and respect. Working with them means they bring influence and introduce more people to your brand.

Instagram Live is the ideal spot for these coordinated efforts. You can have an interview, a Q&A session, or just a chat with these influencers. Are you planning to invite multiple influencers? In this case, use the Live Room feature You can welcome up to three powerhouses to impart the screen to you.

The great thing about collaborating on live streams is that you can instantly double your reach. Working hand in hand with an influencer, your live stream is broadcast to a whole new set of potential followers who are most likely to engage with your brand.

Respond to and interact with your audience

Why are live streams so popular? This is because they give viewers a chance to interact with brands in real time. Therefore, you must engage with your viewers who take the time to attend your live stream. Engaging with your audience helps you build meaningful relationships, create a positive brand experience, and increase your audience’s chances of engaging with your brand in the future.


Instagram live streams are a powerful tool that helps you build stronger connections between your brand and potential followers. Another easy way to increase your followers on Instagram besides live streams is to buy Instagram followers. However, if you are buying followers, you should make sure that you only do so from a trusted website. is a trusted website that offers high quality Instagram followers and likes to increase your reach on Instagram

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