After the heavy wind and snowfall, you have to deal with the mess in your yard. It is one of the most difficult things to handle after the storm. After howling storms and heavy rainfall, you will observe various puddles in the landscape, uprooted trees, and fallen branches. 

Sometimes, heavy wind can wreak havoc and it can lead to the falling of trees on the roof of the house. It is recommended that you should look out for different ways to properly clean your yard after a storm. Are you looking for the right steps to recover your landscape after a big storm? 

Here, I have listed various tips to safely and properly clean the landscape. You should read and implement the following tips: 

  • Inspect Landscape

You should not move outside of your house immediately. It can be highly risky for your life. Therefore, you should ensure that there is no fallen power line or leaning trees. If there is ice or snow accumulated on your landscape, then you should wait for the melting of snow. 

  • Inspect Trees

If it is safe to go outside, then the next important step to consider is trees in your landscape. The damaged trees can fall anytime and they can lead to damage to your property or life. You should inspect the landscape and make sure there are no leaning or falling trees. It is a good idea to immediately call the tree professionals. 

They have good experience dealing with this type of situation. Also, they have appropriate tools and equipment to deal with this situation. The tree professionals such as tree removal Sydney contractors will remove the tree which is completely damaged by the storm. 

  • Use Small Twigs and Leaves

Due to the heavy storm, you will find so many small twigs and leaves on the ground. You can collect small twigs and use them as firewood. You can also take the help of local contractors to convert the twigs into wooden chips. You can make compost of leaves and it will further help in improving the quality of the soil.

  • Clean Small Branches

If you have properly examined the trees in the yard and you are sure that there is no major damage, then you can opt for DIY. You can inspect the small branches damaged from the ground. You should not try to use the ladder to climb and inspect the damage closely. 

You should make sure that branches of the trees that are affected by the strong wind are smaller than the 2” diameter. You can remove the small branches with the help of trimming and pruning tools. 

  • Trim Leaf-Damaged Plants

If a storm has affected the stem of the vegetable, flowering plants, and shrubs, then you just need to remove the damaged leaves. In case, flower or shrub is uprooted, then you should try to prune and replant. 

Make sure that the stem of the plant is in good condition. While removing the leaves of the plant, you should make sure that you do not remove one-third of the leaves. In this way, your plant will start re-grow quickly.  

  • Remove Plants with Broken Stems

You should get rid of plants that have broken stems. The plants with damaged leaves and broken stems will not be going to recover. Therefore, it is very much important to remove the plant and replace it with a new one.

  • Fix Puddles

Whether there are large or small puddles, you should try to fix them. Otherwise, they will act as an eyesore on the landscape. If you usually get a small pool of rainwater in your yard, then it indicates the water runoff system of your area is not working. You need to call the professionals to fix it immediately. It is recommended that you should plant water-loving bushes, shrubs, and trees in your yard. 

These kinds of plants will help in soaking up water and prevent the formation of water puddles in your yard after rain. If the water puddle form in your yard is very large, then it is very important to fill the depressed area with soil. Also, you should try to redirect the water flow in the right direction. 

  • Pamper Your Trees

String wind and heavy rainfall severely affect the health of trees. They need your love, attention, and care. You should implement the right techniques to improve their condition. You should take small actions that will help in improving the condition of your trees like proper watering, mulching, fertilizing, and so on. 

You should not just take care of the trees after the storm. But you should do it always so that you have strong and healthy trees in the yard. The strong trees can withstand heavy wind and rainfall. For more information on tree removal services consult with the team at Trav’s Trees.