Coorg’s 6 Best 2021 Resorts

A sanctuary and a comfortable area on the western ghats of Karnataka is often referred to as the “Scotland of India,” Coorg or Kodagu. Coorg is one of the most popular tourist resorts in India with many activities to delight from a picturesque essence to a host of. It has its misty hills, exuberant flora, comfortable atmosphere, spectacular waterfalls, unusual animals, coffee and spices plantations. In Coorg, tourists need to improve their journey by choosing the greatest Coog Resorts to enjoy grandeur in the middle of panoramic views. Known for exuberant amenities, these resorts give the guests comfort coupled with the distinct rural living facilities including meditation, Ayurvedic centers, a reading lounge, an activity room, etc. Here are the 6 top resorts in Coorg that guests can choose to make their Coorg Trip worth it in 2021!

Evolve Back, Coorg

The freshly renamed Evolve Back has retained its crown as the greatest resort in Coorg, which was previously called the Orange County Resort. The resort provides a total of 43 villas (all with private pools), in different grades, in the Chikkana Halli Estate, a 300-acre coffee and spice plantation.

The resort features no less than seven dining options, including a romantic dinner by the lake, and private dining in a treetop machan — don’t miss the local delicacy of curry (spiced pig curry) with Nikki roti (rice flatbread) (rice flatbread). Relax and refresh at the Ayurveda Village, the resort’s spacious spa where you can experience the best of Ayurvedic therapies including herbal baths, oil massages, and cosmetic treatments.

If you’d like to step outside the resort, take your pick from activities such as nature hikes, plantation visits, bicycle tours through adjacent communities, and even a trip on the river in a coracle, the round fishing float used by locals.

The Casita

The Casita is a conveniently positioned cheap choice, just off the Madikeri-Kushalnagar road that passes through Coorg, offering 17 rooms and cottages nestled among swinging palm trees. The hotel has family and group accommodations for 4 to 8 persons and stylish rooftop villas. Besides breakfast, the restaurant serves no meals, however, an outdoor BBQ can be arranged on request in the evenings. 

Old Kent Estates

Go back in time to the British Raj era at Old Kent Estates, a restored grounds in the middle of an English garden surrounded by a café plantation of 200 acres and thick forests. The property dates back to the 19th century, and the reception, dining room, library, game room, and theater today have a magnificent, colonial-style lodge. The eight cottages of the resort give a lot of seclusion around the land. Every house features a well-kept own outdoor garden.

The Tamara

Living in the luxuriant foliage and surrounded by gourmet rivers and waterfalls of coffee, pepper, and cardamom, the Tamara Coorg is like no other luxurious refuge. The 56-central resort provides a variety of holiday villas constructed on stilts. Splurge onto one of the 2 households in Eden Lotus with two bedrooms, large living spaces, and a sun terrace with loungers and a jacuzzi for something extra special.

Meals are provided in the restaurant The Falls, located on a bridge above the valley and a natural river below it. The resort may provide a candlelit supper with a magnificent waterfall for a more personal experience. Take a plantation tour, hike to or view birds, and have a couple of yoga sessions led by a competent guru at the Temple.

Test the resort’s distinctive coffee therapy at The Elevation Spa or wind down in the temperature-controlled pool with the adjoining bar. You may also try mixing your own coffee with your hand and give it a distinct memory.


The IBNII is a magnificent luxury resort spread over 125 acres of a coffee property that is ideal for a single stay. There are 22 pool holiday villas with ‘Kopi Luwak,’ 10 wooded holiday villas with a lake view, and one premium suite for ‘Poinsettia.’ The suite and villas have an open bathroom, an infinity swimming pool, and a whirlpool.

The Indian Green Building Council certifies the Ibnii as India’s first eco-luxury resort for its many green initiatives such as rainwater harvesting, plastic-free premises, and recycled bed and bathroom fabric use.

Sample regional dishes in the vegetarian restaurant of Baalelle, feast on kebabs and barbecues in Masi Kande, or enjoy Mediterranean dishes at The Fig.

Cell coverage is inconsistent here so it is simple to separate from the world and to enjoy the different wellness packages provided at The Ibnii.

Taj Madikeri Resort & Spa

The Taj Madikeri Resort and Spa is a premium offering by the Taj Group in Coorg, surrounded by a 180-acre rainforest. The resort contains 63 chambers and houses, all with a wonderful view over the valley and the jungle. This hotel features a large terrace. All rooms have a functional fireplace, excluding the Superior Cottages. The Villas Pool is the ultimate in luxury. They have a total of 3300 m2 of living room, dining and sleeping space, an office with a butler’s store, and a deep, heated 4-foot swimming pool with a retractable town.

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