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How Cryopreservation Has Helped Ambitious Women Achieve Their Dream

Career, Education, Family, and Adventure- Managing all these things together can sometimes be though for a woman. Holding Off the family part until all these milestones are achieve can be difficult, especially for the women who are not ready to enter the journey of motherhood.

“Career Opportunities are therefore limite to child-rearing and motherhood to most women.”

But today, with fertility and cryopreservation technology, a woman who is not ready to pursue their motherhood chapter can find potential benefits. Medical Science has made it possible for them to preserve their eggs for the future, giving them all the time they need to pursue their dreams.

Fertility experts at Aastha Fertility Center have made it possible for young and ambitious women to preserve their eggs for the future, minimizing all the risk factors with the best technology. The center is known for its highest IVF success rates in India, providing the best assistance with proper guidance throughout fertility treatments.

Why Cryopreservation?

There was a time when girls needed to give up on their dreams to pursue their motherhood journey, sacrificing their careers while planning for their families. Therefore, it was only a dream for them to complete their education, have a career, see the world and pursue creativity.

Perhaps the exciting changes in women’s role in society and the workplace, the basic needs for having children and raising a family remain the same. However, pursuing their career path puts them in an extreme dilemma, making it difficult to find a perfect balance between their needs and desires.

Cryopreservation is the best solution to come out of the dilemma. It is because the natural fertility period for a woman and the best time for their education, career, and dreams are at the same age intervals.

For all those who want to delay their family planning for a while and focus on their career, such women have an option to preserve their fertility or fertile eggs.

What is Cryopreservation?

“To all the ambitious women who want to postpone their pregnancy, Cryopreservation is a blessing in disguise for them.”

Cryopreservation refers to the egg-freezing process that begins with the best fertility experts’ consultations, followed by stimulating the ovaries to extract, store, and freeze the eggs. The process begins with oocyte retrieval, the procedure of extracting the eggs, which are then frozen into the nitrogen cryocan at -196 degrees Celsius.

Detailing the process, Cryopreservation is the method of keeping your fertile cells alive, preserving the biological samples for live cells and tissues in a deep freeze. Generally, at such high temperatures, all the activities for a cell stop as it dies. Cryopreservation helps survive the cells through these extreme temperatures.

High temperatures can break the cell membranes, but experts prevent this by carefully selecting a freezing medium and regulating the freezing rate. Therefore, dry Ice and Nitrogen induced in these cells are the main elements that keep the cell alive for a long duration in this method.

What are the Steps Involved in Cryopreservation?

Selection or Harvesting of Material:

A few steps need to be followed before selecting the biological materials. These include identifying the cells’ density, pH, volume, and morphology to eliminate any scope for damages or failure.


To reduce the risk for crystallization, freezing point of the medium, and lowering the cooling rate, cryoprotective agents like salts, glycols, sugars, glycerol, and FBS are added to the cells/biological samples.


After adding the cryoprotectant and other agents, the cells are then applied to the different freezing mediums to control the cooling rate. It will protect the cell death and damages that warm solutions or other unbearable exposures can cause.

Liquid Nitrogen Storage:

The samples with cryoprotectant and other solutions are then preserved into extreme cold temperatures in a freezer for at least 5-24 hours before proceeding to the last step.


The biological samples are then forwarded for the warming process that will control the cooling rate of the cells, preventing them from the damages that can be caused due to the crystallization process.

What Are the Pros of Cryopreservation?

Women Undergoing Cancer Treatments:

The Egg Freezing Process is a boon for women undergoing medical treatment. For example, women undergoing cancer treatment can have adverse effects on their fertility health from chemotherapy and radiation, inadvertently destroying their eggs in the process.

Preserving their eggs before the treatment will therefore help them with a successful opportunity to postpone their pregnancy until they complete their treatment.

Women Who Are Suffering from Endometriosis:

Some women need to go for medical procedures that involve the removal of their ovaries. Therefore, fertility preservation techniques extend an opportunity to have a biological link with their future child

Women Who Want to Pursue Their Career:

To all those young women who are not ready to pursue their motherhood journey and want to work on their career and educational goals, freezing the eggs at an early reproductive age will improve the chances for their successful future pregnancies.

This is because the uterus does not have any age limit for pregnancy, and it can carry it well into the 40s and 50s, but egg fertility tends to decrease with growing age.

Menopause History:

Menopause depletes the eggs. Therefore, Cryopreservation will offer them a chance to preserve their eggs before premature ovarian failure, thus proving a ray of hope for a happy and healthy family.


The best fertility age is between 20-30 years, but increasing ambitions, education, and career opportunities have delayed settling and having a baby.

With the assistance of the best experts, Cryopreservation will help them preserve their eggs to increase the chances of having a baby that decreases as the age advances.

Aastha Fertility Center offers the best treatments for IVF, IUI, ICSI, ART, Cryopreservation, and many other fertility treatments. The cryopreservation technique at Aastha Fertility has helped many young women achieve their ambitions without compromising their motherhood dream.

Book your appointments with our fertility experts now to get the best advice!

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