Reason for the Sparkling Rise of the Lab-Created Diamonds


Young people are falling in love with lab-created diamonds. The popularity of mined diamonds has been falling over the years due to their humanitarian costs and high environmental impact. So, people have now shifted to the next best alternative, i.e., lab-grown diamonds. The much-loved diamonds came into the limelight when a celebrity like Meghan Markle was spotted wearing blingy earrings studded with diamonds grown in the lab. It took almost 5 days to come up with such a shining diamond that the model adorned. Also, when you get the same chemical, physical and optical identical alternative to mined diamonds, it naturally ought to gain the attention of the jewelry makers and the clients. Most people choose lab-created diamond wedding bands.

Here are several reasons behind the shining rise of the lab-created diamond.

All about lab-grown diamonds

Lab created diamonds have been around for a while, but they have recently gained widespread recognition. The process of coming up with a replica of mined diamonds has slowly evolved wih time and the creators can now provide the highest-quality lab-grown diamond jewelry at a cheaper cost than our competitors. In every sense, lab-created diamonds are identical to natural diamonds, with the exception that they are developed in a lab from a diamond seed rather than being extracted from the earth. Diamonds are almost entirely made up of carbon. As a result, both lab and mined diamonds have identical physical properties.

Reason for popularity

Now comes the part where we will discuss why lab-created diamonds are gaining popularity. Some people are confused between lab-created diamonds, mined diamonds, and moissanite in Canada as to which one is better. Well, there is no secret that the last century was all about mined diamonds and they gracefully adorned the engagement rings. So, does that mean that they are superior to the latest version of diamonds? Of course not! It’s just that mined diamonds have become a traditional choice. But today, we will see how lab-created diamonds are fitting in.

Cost difference

The phrase “diamonds are a women’s best friend” is continually repeated to you. Who can say no to that glimmer? You’re in luck because lab created diamonds have the same brilliance as mined ones. What’s the good part? They were a lot less expensive. Because he will save a significant amount of money on a lab-made diamond, it may be time to rephrase it to “diamonds are a man’s best friend.” Given that mined diamonds range in price from $2,500 to $16,000 per carat, that’s hundreds—if not thousands—of bucks saved. That’s money you could put toward a fantasy honeymoon, a down payment on a home, or other, more significant things, such as your wedding. It’s clear that a lab-grown diamond will stretch your ring budget further.


In a side-by-side comparison, it’s hard to tell the difference between a real diamond and a lab-grown diamond. To tell one from the other, you’ll need specialized equipment. This is due to the fact that they are identical in every way. Check the grading report of your diamond to see if it was created in a lab. It will also state the diamond’s grade on all 4Cs, that includes carat, weight, clarity, color, and cut, in addition to noting that it was created in a lab. A grading report provides you with the assurance that your diamond is of the grade you expect.


While some may believe that lab-grown diamonds do not have the same brilliance as mined diamonds, this is simply not the case. The more affordable and conflict option has made its way to people’s hearts.