Residential ac repair can be expensive and represent a notable economic hardship, especially as summer approaches and air conditioning repair companies surge their prices. The bad news is that there are times when a costly repair is more than necessary, but the good news is you can fix your air conditioner yourself using the instructions manual, that is available online for most used AC brands such as Carrier, Goodman Central and Trane. Here are six simple expert tips for repairing your air conditioner yourself.

Examine The Thermostat And If It Malfunctioning Change It

When the thermostat has not been inspected for a long time, it is common for it to lose its original setting. Sometimes all you have to do is reset it and you are good to go. For the correct operation of the device, you must set the thermostat to a temperature below room temperature. You should also take a look at the thermostat if you notice that the air conditioner is not cooling the house as well as it should. Sometimes the failure of the unit is due to a lack of batteries. All you have to do is replace the batteries and the device will start working as it should.

Have A Look At The Circuit Breaker

If your air conditioner doesn’t turn on, the first thing you can try to look at is the circuit breaker. Usually located on the main electrical panel, the switch controls power to your home and sometimes trips when it cannot handle the excess load. This is very possible if you have lots of appliances and other electrical equipment connected to the same socket or switch. However, if this happens frequently, you may have a shortage in the system that a certified air conditioning repair technician can easily fix. It’s a quick check, something most people are familiar with, so don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty and check it out. Air conditioning repair is very prone to problems like these.

Wash The Air Filters And, If Necessary, Replace The Filters

Many air conditioning repairs can be avoided by constantly changing the filter. If your filter is dirty and clogged, it can cause a lot of problems with your device. Lack of air circulation can cause inefficient cooling of the system. The air filter controls the amount of air entering the house. If your air conditioner is not cooling as cold as it used to be, the filter may be dirty and clogged. 

This obstruction disrupts airflow and can cause the system to freeze, affecting the cooling efficiency of your device. This problem can be avoided by cleaning or changing the filters frequently. The general rule is that if your filters are too much dirty to be cleaned, you should replace them at once.

Check that you are purchasing the correct size filters. In some cases, a clogged filter can cause your system to freeze. Filters should be checked frequently and changed periodically. You do not need any type of specific skills or training to install the new filters. When purchasing the filters, be sure to choose high-quality parts that will not only provide you with excellent service but will also last a long time.

If You Have Faulty Capacitors, Replace Them

If you hear a hum but the fan is not spinning, it is a sign that you have a bad capacitor. To further confirm this, try pushing one of the fan blades with a long stick. If it spins after light pressure, then you have a bad starting capacitor. Because it involves the risk of electric shock, you should never try to test your AC capacitor. Replacing or changing capacitors comprises high voltages, so you should hire an air conditioning repair personnel or technician to change the capacitor.

Clean Your Air Conditioner From The Inside To The Outside

Sometimes your ac just needs a simple cleaning to work flawlessly. Doing this also goes a long way when it comes to keeping your unit at its peak condition. For the central air conditions, turn off the unit, clean the outside first. Clean fins, air intake, and outer body of the ac. Then clean fan blades and remove dirt from the indoor parts of the ac. Be sure to clean the condenser tubes carefully.

Examine Your AC Ducts

One of the most common causes of ac issues is dirty air ducts. If you are comfortable climbing your attic, check your ducts to make sure air is coming out of your ac. If the ducts are dirty enough to block the airflow, they will surely need to be cleaned. Many times, a duct may have been inadvertently closed partially or completely. A simple quick check will show if the air is flowing from the ducts. So, if the ducks are closed or semi-open, clean them for better performance. These are some of the easiest tips you can adopt for your central ac repair. If you just examine these things, you can save a lot of cash before calling a professional air conditioning repair company.