Top 5 Colours for Pakistani Bridal Dresses

Brides-to-be are inundated with options when it comes to wedding attire, and this can make the decision difficult to make. Your choice of bridal dress colour may be influenced by some factors, including the season of your nuptials, your style, and even the colour scheme of your wedding theme.

No matter what choices you make, here are five top colours for Pakistani bridal dresses that will match any gown you choose to wear on your big day.

1) Red

Let’s face it, red is a powerful colour. The hue exudes vitality and drives others to feel confident around you. If you’re looking to make a statement on your big day, there are plenty of Pakistani bridal dresses options that come in an elegant shade of red.

Red is also one of those colours that can be interpreted differently by different people; while some may see it as vibrant and lively, others may see it as sophisticated or regal. Whatever way you choose to interpret red, keep in mind that it makes a bold fashion statement – but only if you can pull off wearing such a strong colour!

2) Yellow

Yellow is a beautiful colour, but it can also be a very difficult colour to wear. Luckily, yellow is one of those colours that complements many skin tones and makes you look youthful (even if you aren’t). It’s great for ceremonies in warmer months where wearing white might be too hot.

However, avoid shades that are similar to gold or mustard—these two colours can look similar from afar and will make your head look wider. Instead, stick with pastel or neon yellow.

If you have dark hair, try out lemon yellow. For lighter hair, try out sunny yellows or buttery yellows. The best thing about these types of yellow is that they go well with pretty much any other colour combination.

3) Pink

You might think that traditional Pakistani bridal dresses wouldn’t include pink, but you’d be wrong. This feminine colour has been in vogue since at least 2010, according to Ilham Gohar – and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

Pair pink with navy or green, or go all out in head-to-toe pale hues. Bonus points if you can pull off a hot pink wedding trousseau! (Just remember to keep your jewellery neutral.)

4) Maroon

Maroon is the traditional colour worn by brides in Pakistan but is also a colour that can be worn by women on other occasions than their wedding day. When coupled with other darker colors like purple and blue, maroon looks stunning. It has traditionally been paired with gold or silver accessories and jewelry.

You may choose to coordinate maroon with black clothing items or accessories. As long as you stay within one dark colour family, you can get away with wearing maroon year-round.

5) Green

Green symbolizes nature, fertility and renewal; it is also a colour of peace. Green dresses will make your skin look fresh, which is ideal if you’re looking to go bare in front of everyone at your wedding!

It’s a common misconception that green can only be worn by spring brides, but green can work throughout all seasons. Just remember to choose shades of mint or sage instead of emerald greens. No bride wants to look like her new husband stole her off a traffic light!

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