In the world of businesses, you have to possess a tough sense of dedication and perseverance. The need for resources and money cannot be forgotten even though some people say you do not really need to own a lot to start and continue. As you step into the unknowns of the business realm, you will realize the importance of a strong kind of advertisement, and one of the strongest ones, if not the strongest, is celebrity endorsement. Truthfully, not every business needs it, but if you are seeking to identify the most powerful marketing strategies out there, you have to be informed about this one!

There are different ways by which this type of advertisement happens. Icons become models and/or ambassadors of the brands they support. They do photoshoots and short films which are uploaded online for the public to see. Printed ads are exhibited through magazines, flyers, tarpaulins, standees, store designs, buses, billboards and more. Others are in digital format such as LED TVs in train stations, subways, malls, airports, companies and building exteriors. To reach people faster, most of these ads are presented in social media platforms and TV commercials. People encounter these celebrity endorsements in various locations and mediums locally and globally. 

Truth is that only the brands that can afford to pay in-demand celebrities can use celebrity branding as their marketing strategy. Making such a business decision is weighty because it’s priced dear for real! Especially if the brand is using a hotshot, the endorsement fee is expected to be bigger compared to other names. That’s why when a particular popular celebrity gets more than one advertisement offers, it’s definitely a huge opportunity for them not only to become more known but also to profit more income.

As for the brands they advertise, the boons they get from those reputable personalities’ presence are totally impressive. Clearly, these businesses go for not just any celebrity but those that will fit their advocacy and that will surely bring huge rewards to them. To enlighten you more about this matter, here are 6 ways celebrity endorsements tremendously benefit brands!



The first step for brands to get a shot to walk through the path of success is to be known. People have to know that such brand names exist on Earth. Without awareness, they will not grab attention and will not even ring a bell.

Celebrities have the prowess to immediately make a brand that begins with 0% public cognisance obtain a 100% acknowledgement with only a few days of endorsements. Unfamiliar can become familiar in a snap; thanks to the public figures’ well-liked image. Brand awareness is established without issue. Additionally, a lot of people will be very much interested about what the brand offers because it is hyped by these personages. 

This is the promotional approach that’s faster than any other, which is one of the reasons why it’s at a premium. 


SF9 ROWOON for Estée Lauder Korea

Big and cherished brands no longer struggle for sales unlike startups and unlike in their early days. For a long time already, their products have been constantly patronized by people around the country and even around the globe and have been experiencing services and effects that satisfy consumers. Their users even recommend them to their friends and families because of their good personal experience!

Credibility owns a shiny throne here. It’s not easy to trust a brand, especially if it’s new, foreign and/or yet untried by the target audience. This is most specifically true for consumable and health-related items such as cosmetics, food, supplements and medicines. It’s a matter of reliability. 

Celebrity endorsers do great wonders for brands that are still trying to earn the public’s confidence towards them. Because these media personalities are major influencers to consumers’ purchasing decisions, most of the time, they are also the pathway to gaining that golden trust! These stars testify how the products and services have been benefiting them, but even without those testament and even with just the celebrities’ mere endorsement, they already spark prompt plausibility and persuasiveness around the brand names.

Because of that, even those people who are not sure at first whether or not they should order this skin cream, that hair moisturizer or this facial cleanser will be instantly encouraged to do so when they see that a sensational celebrity advertises it.


Suzy Bae for Kerasys

Jingle and humor are effective elements when doing digital advertisements. When people keep hearing and seeing them whether they like it or not, the ads will remain and repeat in their memory.

Celebrity branding does something similar but in a varied way. It also enables and enhances brand recall, but this time, through the involvement of famous people. Because the brand is connected to an icon with a great number of followers, it becomes easily recognizable as well as the product ads they produce. People may forget the appearance or the sound of the promotional material, yet they will clearly remember the brand because they are sure that a celebrity is giving a boost to it! 


BTS for Smart

The most popular celebrities of the now are getting loads of advertisement offers because brands know how their sought-after reputation can lead to a remarkable breakthrough for their business. Without a doubt, entrepreneurs would like to take advantage of the rare and hard-to-get opportunity. 

Signing a contract with leading celebrities for your business brings you one step (or a few steps) ahead of your competitors. It absolutely takes your label under the limelight. All eyes are on those stellar names, so when you get them to promote your brand, then all eyes will be on your business as well!


Lee Do Hyun for Zigbang

Without a question, celebrities are magnets for new users. If a brand wants to widen its market, it can use celebrity branding to add more interest and sales from the public because for sure, the popularity of stars will make that happen!


iKON for Nivea Korea

Lastly, do not forget that celebrities have fans that love and root for them through the smallest to the grandest of ways. While moral support is automatic, a lot of fans spend lots of money, too, so they can cheer on and even see their favorite celebrities. 

Fans trust their favorites, so the products they use and endorse attract them. Sometimes, even if the product is priced unbelievably, some fans purchase without hesitation because it’s their way of extending their admiration to these celebrities. 

Furthermore, aside from the credibility that’s built around the brand because of their treasured icon’s recommendation, the desire of the fans to feel closer to their favorite celebs has a huge role here. It gives them something to be proud of and to call a significant part of their fangirling or fanboying life.



Not all businesses need celebrities to promote their brand. This type of marketing strategy is used only by those kinds of brands in which the image of media personalities suits. Although in some cases, a particular celeb may be fully willing to accept any sort of product ad and the business will be more than grateful to have them, still, not all brands highly need celebrity branding. Moreover, not all businesses can invite stars to display their name because doing so takes a lot of contracts to discuss with their celebrity management companies and a lot of money to spend.

Nonetheless, for those who are utilizing celebrity branding, they really are experiencing wonderful advantages on their profits and reputation. They are paying big which is risky in a way, but with the right choice of celebrity selection and other advertising tactics to execute, they are gaining big too, oftentimes bigger than their investment, so it’s just worth the risk taking! 

Advertisements are everywhere, and they run anytime too. The best methods let businesses reap the best fruits. And celebrity endorsement is the dearest technique that can safely assure effectiveness and power to any brand. Just imagine how impactful the influence of those well-loved celebs is. The above-mentioned points and more prove that!



Nicole Ann Pore is a writer, an events host and a voice over artist. Quality and well-researched writing is her worthwhile avenue to enlighten and delight others about things that matter. She is a daytime writer for The Fordham Company, one of Australia’s leading celebrity talent management agencies located in Sydney. Nicole graduated Cum Laude from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Arts.