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10 Spare Boiler Parts That One Must Have on Hand

It’s essential to have spare boiler components as it saves downtime when anything fails in the boiler system. Keeping the boiler in good condition is beneficial as it saves a person for a considerable amount of cost. The repairing or upgrading cost is relatively high, which is sometimes unbearable. Storing spare boiler parts means you are serious about the boiler’s maintenance. In this post, you will discover ten significant parts that you must always have in handy. 

1: Flame Detector

A flame detector is paramount to combat the equipment from filling with raw fuel when the boiler’s flame is not present. However, there are many advanced ways to detect the flame. For example, large commercial boilers use the flame scanner. 

2: High-Pressure Cutout Switch

A high-pressure cutout switch or high-temperature cutout switch ensures there is no production loss. It is used in the maintenance of combustion. 

3: Auxiliary And Primary Low Water Cut-Off Switches 

These spare parts are important to detect low water conditions. The low water cut-off must be replaced at a certain point in time. Selecting primary switches are essential for the proper functioning of the boiler and lead to safety. That’s why it’s paramount to keep a spare on hand. 

4: Pressure Control Device

The pressure control device, also known as PLC, is a stand-alone “ pressure controller.” If you don’t have the pressure control device, then the operator has to perform manually to adjust the boiler fire rating for better maintenance. 

5: Water Level Device 

The water level device monitors the water level in the boiler. The extreme high or low water in the boiler system is not good for the boiler. It will impact the functioning of the system. 

6: Safety Relief Valves

The safety valve starts functioning poorly over time which causes the valve to vent even when the pressure of the system is right. This is the reason that you need to have an extra safety relief valve in your boiler’s room. 

7: Fuel Safety Shutoff Valves

The fuel-safety shutoff valve ensures that the fuel is not leaking when the boiler is turned on. The leakage of the fuel can lead to an explosion which is dangerous for the boiler as well as for lives. 

8: High And Low Gas Pressure Switches

High and low gas pressure switches are vital to make sure that the boiler is not receiving too little or too much gas. Without these switches, a boiler cannot perform perfectly and can end up with explosions or severe damage. Hence, it’s suggested by professionals to have extra of it and call out the technicians to fix it when the old switches stop functioning.  

9: Gaskets

Gaskets need to be replaced often, and they come in different materials. It depends on the usage; some replace it in three months, some in six months, and some in a year. In reality, people keep a roll of gaskets to shorten the downtime, i.e., leakages. 

10:Combustion Air Switch

The combustion air switch shut a burner from opening the fuel valve. Keep in mind a few boilers use other sensors and don’t require a standalone combustion air switch. 

These ten are the pivotal spare boiler parts that the owner must have.

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