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10 Ways To Celebrate World Laughter Day

Happiness, laughter, smile, and goodness- might be synonyms but we are mentioning them here for another reason. Did you know, laughter is a therapy that helps in positive blood flow, pumping the blood to your heart in the right way, giving you better health, reducing heart risks; and the list keeps ongoing. Laughter is so important and vital for health; keeping this in mind, laughter day has started being observed across the globe. 

Many people are already aware of this day but for those who aren’t we have this blog for you. More importantly, this write-up will help you in knowing 10 different ways to celebrate the world’s laughter day this year. So give this blog a quick read:

Origination of World’s Laughter Day

The first time this day was observed was on 10th May 1998 in Mumbai by Dr. Madan Kataria. He is the person who also founded the worldwide Laughter Yoga movement. From the very beginning, when this day was observed across the globe, it started to be celebrated on the first Sunday of May. And people are following the same till now. 

Now, after you know the origin, let’s dive into the celebration part and have a look at 10 ways to celebrate world laughter day.

10 ways to celebrate the World’s Laughter Day

  • Donate clothes

There is a huge number of people even around you at this point in time who do not have clothes to keep themselves away from dust, dirt, and climatic changes. And you know they won’t be able to buy clothes too often so to celebrate this day you can simply design some custom clothing and donate it to them. Selflessly helping someone will give you a heartwarming experience and the person on the other end will surely get a smile. Spreading happiness selflessly- is there any other or better way to celebrate this day?

  • Offering free meals

True, a lot of people do offer meals many times a year; but laughter day is also special. If you want to spread happiness around you make sure people are fed at least for that day. This is again a selfless thing that you can do to the homeless because that’s the best way to celebrate this day. 

  • Spend some time with your family

Coming onto your family; it is very important for you to give them some time, isn’t it? If that’s what you too believe, then spend some time with them. Your time is what means the most to them and at least on this day, stay away from your work, mobile, calls, and everything that will distract you from giving your time to your family. 

  • Look for a present for your family members

You can look for gifts to give to your family members. There are several custom kids clothes as well as some great clothing for adults. We bet on this, if you offer some good things to your family members, it will give them happiness and they would surely become joyous. Needless to say, this will be a success of the day. 

  • Play some games with them

Did you remember when technology didn’t grip the world as it has done in the current scenario? The best thing that parents could do with their children was to play with them. True, board games have been replaced with mobile and desktop games but playing games is the motto. You can do that the way your kids want and see how happy they become. If you have a backyard, get a disc or a ball and head outdoors to enjoy.

  • Take your family to a theme park

Another wonderful way of celebrating the day is to go for an outing. From buying custom tank tops to the news-age fashionable outfits to going out to the theme parks; so much to do right? Laughter day calls for exciting outings and enjoyable days, right? And how can that be possible? The one-liner for this is to take your family to a theme park and let loose your kids. They will enjoy their heart out and your day’s purpose will also be sorted. Everything becomes as good as you wanted it to be.

  • Go out for dinner

Don’t mix this point with the one that we have discussed above. Theme parks are a wonderful way to celebrate a day but going out for dinner is something different. If you have a family, you can look for a family restaurant but if you don’t take your parents or partner for lunch or probably dinner. Choose a soothing restaurant that has a menu your family would love and then just order food. Their favorite food will do the trick and you would not have to worry much about making things right for the day. Easy, isn’t it?

  • Take up a comedy show

Now when it comes to celebrating the world’s laughter day, then there are a lot of things that would come to your mind right? But keeping away all the hiccups and drama, just book your tickets to a comedy show. There is no difficulty in this right? And with stand-up comedy catching a lot of attention these days, you would not want to miss this chance. And the best part is, you will not have to do the toughest part of the day. Just let your partner whosoever is with you enjoy the comedy of the performer. Brilliant idea.

  • Go for shopping

This should have been somewhere on the top of the list; you might be thinking this right? So, let’s break this for you- shopping is a thing for everyone but it takes up a lot of resources. Did you just give a smile already? But whatsoever, shopping is one of the best ways to celebrate this day with your loved ones. Because people might say no to many things but no one dares to refuse an offer for shopping. 

  • Simply have a look at some ancient album

Do you know that parents and siblings these days are so busy in different cities and at times in different countries that their bond is being hampered to a huge extent. Even if you are unable to meet your sibling or your parents on this day, just video call them and ask them to bring out the album when you were a kid. Those pictures would bring out so many memories. And trust us, somewhere or the other, it will bring a sweet smile and joy to all the people. 


There are so many important things in the world that most people are unaware of. We hope today you learnt about a new thing. And even if you knew about the day earlier, this blog might have helped you to understand it better and given you ways to celebrate it in a better way. Above given we’re just 10 simple and amazing ways to celebrate the day but you can do it in multiple other ways too. It depends on your interest and practices. But this laughter day, make sure you take the therapy! If it means making your own t-shirt designs with quotations or laughter.

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