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30 Instagram ideas for your business profile

The reach and importance of social media are increasingly conquering the business world. Global players, as well as small companies, are increasingly shifting their marketing activities to social media. Whether cooperation with influencers or advertisements, there are a number of ways to make your company better known on Instagram.

But before the freestyle comes to the duty. Therefore, an ideally prepared Instagram feed is the basis for all marketing efforts. Here are 30 Instagram post ideas that will enrich your feed. If you want to increase your Instagram followers. Check our offers at iamfavorite.me

#1 Answering FAQs

Instagram posts offer a good opportunity to prepare and answer questions and ambiguities about your products or your offer in a visually appealing way. Satisfy your followers’ curiosity and build trust in your brand. Buyers value it when a company works transparently and proactively to share information with its customers.

#2 Show the “Behind the Scenes”

Show how much work and dedication goes into the manufacturing process of your product. It is impressive for buyers to see which steps lead to the finished product. Whether it’s the production of a cream or the manufacture of a piece of clothing – a look behind the scenes gives an insight into your everyday work and your corporate culture.

#3 Introduce your team

The introduction of your team can be just as valuable as the insight behind the scenes. Show the faces behind your brand, introduce each team member or share your favorite playlist from the office. Do you have an office dog? Then this one also deserves a mention. Give your company’s fans the chance to identify with your brand and your product.

#4 how-to videos for their products

Do you have a specialized product that you don’t immediately know how to use? Then a contribution, preferably as a video, is just the right thing. Explain in a few simple steps and words exactly how your product is being used. Do you offer a service? Demonstrate possible uses and advantages for your customers.

#5 Jump on the latest meme train

There’s a viral meme circulating all over Instagram? Use it for your purposes and think of a funny pun about your company. Good memes are a great communication tool on social media, they are often shared or reposted with friends.

#6 Create illustrations

Create creative and catchy illustrations to communicate your brand story and company values. For a visual app like Instagram, illustrations are great for drawing attention to your products and business.

#7 Current Events

Celebrate Pakistan Day, discuss events such as nationwide demonstrations or the flood of the century and create a realistic connection with your customers. Showing compassion or creating awareness are important values ​​of a corporate culture today.

#8 Post customer content

Do your customers diligently share their own posts with your products? Then this is the ideal advertisement for your company. This type of content is easier for companies like GoPro or Nike than others, but you can usually find some nice examples from customers, even for niche products. Encourage your customers to tag your business in their posts or give them a set hashtag so you can find them quickly.

#9 Inspirational Quotes

Beautiful, sad or inspiring quotes are often shared in stories on Instagram. Many people can identify with quotes. Therefore, they are the ideal way to engage with your customers and increase your engagement rate. To do this, create your own template that matches your corporate design and makes your feed look uniform.

#10 Accompany an event

Do you have one-time or regular events in the house? Then be sure to share it with your Instagram community. Accompany the event with details on speakers, venue and guest list and share professional photos and videos on your Instagram channel.

#11 Reusing footage for Instagram

If you also run a YouTube channel or blog, you can regularly reuse materials for Instagram. Post meaningful excerpts from interviews or other material as video, and use concise excerpts from blog articles as captions for your posts.

#12 Creating “buy” posts

Being able to direct your customers to purchase directly from your Instagram post is one of the app’s greatest benefits. Photograph your product professionally and upload the photo in high resolution. Try not to tag more than three different products per photo for purchase.

#13 Informative carousel posts

Take the opportunity and post up to 10 photos in one post. Instead of putting lengthy explanations in the caption, you can instead tell a story, manufacturing process, or similar across multiple images. Choose the order of the images freely and create a caption for the entire series.

#14 Customer Testimonials

Customer references are ideal for establishing credibility. Have you received many positive reviews in shops like Amazon or on your website? Then share them with your Instagram followers as well. Create an attractive template to present the text creatively and meaningfully in your feed. For example, a product photo can serve as a background for the reference.

#15 Share your opinions on important issues

Share your points of view on important issues such as climate protection, freedom of religion, equality or the compatibility of work and family. This creates trust and ensures that your customers can identify more with your company. Fighting for the same creates bonds. It also explains, for example, why your product is more expensive than a competitor who doesn’t see either of those values ​​as worth supporting.

#16 Working with Creators

Working with professional creative people is particularly well suited to growing on Instagram. Whether it’s skincare, tech gadgets, or a bullet journal, high-reach Instagram personalities who incorporate your product or service into their everyday lives and feature it on Instagram are literally good for business. Hashtags such as #canoncreator for camera manufacturer Canon USA have a wide reach. The same principle can be applied to any product or service.

#17 Weekly or Monthly Challenges

Challenges are a good way to increase your engagement rate on your Instagram channel. Creative topics captivate your followers and encourage them to participate. At the end of the challenge, you choose a winner who can then work with your company if necessary. The photo of the day on the theme of spring awakening or photos from real family life – choose your challenges in a way that suits your company.

#18 Do it with Me

Post something for your followers to copy, such as drawing a portrait, a training video, making your favorite meal, or a makeup tutorial. This will increase your engagement rate twofold – your followers will look at your post longer as they copy the activity and many will likely save it. Saving posts increases your visibility and engagement better than likes and comments.

#19 Giveaways

Giveaways are one of the classic ways to increase your reach and gain new followers. The conditions of participation should be formulated clearly and unambiguously and the requirements should not be too high. Commenting, tagging friends, and sharing the post in stories are common terms and conditions for giveaways.

#20 Busting Myths

Are there persistent rumors or myths surrounding your product? Then Instagram is the ideal place to convince as many people as possible otherwise. Create an appealing post and look forward to lively discussions in the comments.

#21 Present your product range

Use the visual aspects of the app and creatively present your entire product range. Use the carousel option for photo posts or a video.

#22 Start a streak

Spark the interest of your followers with a weekly series on informative topics related to your product and service. These could be questions about skincare and anti-aging, software tips for tech products, or interviews with well-known influencers who use your services.

#23 Share your history

Did you get the idea for your business while sitting in the bathtub on a rainy Sunday? It took you four tries before someone wanted to support your product, or did you start sending packages from your parents’ kitchen table? Such stories are ideal for your subscribers to identify more with your brand and your company.

#24 Give a sneak peek

Get your followers in the mood for new, upcoming products and launches with a sneak peek. Enigmatic photos and well-dosed morsels of information will raise the expectations of your followers.

#25 Professional photos

In order to be successful and appear professional on Instagram, professional photos are the be-all and end-all. Visually appealing, high-quality photos are a must for a business presentation on Instagram.

#26 Find Caption – Caption This

Here you have the opportunity to post a completely abstruse, funny, or strange photo. Ask your followers if they can find a suitable caption for it. This type of funny post is a great gap filler and a great way to increase your engagement rate.

#27 Ask a question

Ask your followers for their opinion on a certain product or for a product wish for the future. You will be amazed at the information.

#28 Tips, tricks, and hacks

Introduce your followers to alternative and crazy uses for your product. You can also use ideas you found on Instagram or YouTube.

#29 Instagram Reels

Reels are hugely popular and are rewarded by Instagram with high engagement rates. Produce fun reels that showcase your own products or that your shoppers can reuse for their own purposes.

#30 Seasonal Posts

Use spring, summer, autumn, and winter for creative contributions to your products. Holidays with a high turnover, such as Christmas, are also good opportunities to present and advertise your products seasonally.

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