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9 Top Vendors To Source Your Hair Bundles From

Are you looking for a three-bundle hair deal? The popular textures, lengths, and styles are available through various vendors!

When ordering three sew-in extensions at once, bundle deals are a terrific way to save money.

It doesn’t get better than Virgin Human Hair. It is sure to suit your quality and standard expectations. Human hair bundles offer excellent value for money!

Virgin human hair is considered the best among various types in the industry. Every client or expert agrees that no other type can match the sheer quality and benefits of virgin human hair.

Here are the top 9 vendors to source your hair bundles from.

This blog includes:

  • India Hair International (IHI)
  • Baby Doll Luxury Hair
  • Beauty Forever Hair
  • Indique Hair
  • Private Label Extensions
  • Salon Labs
  • The Virgin Hair Fantasy (TVHF)
  • Queen Hair
  • UNice Hair

 #1 India Hair International (IHI)

Raw Indian Hair Bundles at India Hair International

India Hair International (IHI) is one of the most fantastic places to get virgin Indian hair bundles from.

They provide direct access to India’s highest quality human hair, with a plant in India and warehouses in the United States.

IHI gets its hair from Indian temples and beauty salons.

They specialize in 100% virgin Indian human hair and have 28 standard hues. Its natural items can be shipped right away anywhere in the United States, and it also exports products to other countries.

IHI has over 30 years of experience supplying premium human hair products and can meet the needs of its customers while staying on top of current trends.

Individual purchasers, salon chains, cosmetic/beauty dealers, and shops of all sizes can purchase their high-end products.

IHI is your “one-stop shop” for the most beautiful human hair bundles on the market.

#2 Baby Doll Luxury Hair

Premium Hair Bundles from Baby Doll Luxury Hair

Baby Doll Luxury Hair is based in Southern California. They specialize in providing high-quality human hair that looks and feels natural to consumers.

They also provide excellent advice, ideas, and product lines to customers. Their 100 percent Virgin Human Hair collections are widely regarded as one of the most luxurious hair products available.

Each strand of hair is individually hand-selected to ensure that the cuticle layers are aligned in the same direction. Since the cuticle layers face the same way, you get a natural fullness, wave, and usability.

Such hair type is desirable because it does not tangle easily, is resistant to harsh chemical treatments, and is shiny.

You will find an extensive selection of virgin hair bundles in various styles to suit your needs.

Unlike many other varieties of hair, their Virgin Indian hair bundles feel light and manageable.

You can wash, color, blow-dry, and even perm the hair bundles precisely like your natural hair.

#3 Beauty Forever Hair

Gorgeous and Luxurious Hair Bundles at Beauty Forever Hair

Beauty Forever Hair was founded in 2016 in Xuchang, Henan, China.

Over time, it grew from a tiny local textile processing business to global human hair business. They are a global leader in professional set design, manufacturing, sales, and service.

Beauty Forever blends style, fashion, and noble quality with all women’s hair, so when you buy virgin hair from them, you also get a sense of fashion, a life attitude, and bring beauty to the world.

They employ a particular design to transmit the warm, romantic, beautiful, and flowing hair bundles to customers.

Human hair bundles are available in various styles and colors at Beautyforever.

There are different hairstyles to choose from: Body Wave, Straight, Curly, Loose Wave, Deep Wave, and Natural Wave.

Their items are trendy among modern girls because of their high quality and excellent service.

#4 Indique Hair

Virgin Hair Bundles at Indique Hair

Indique’s hair bundles are unrivaled because the virgin hair has only one orientation of cuticle layers from root to finish.

Raw hair is collected from Indian temples and private suppliers in Southeast Asia, then rigorously inspected, cleaned, and made into their distinctive product categories.

After the hair has made the lengthy journey to production centers and fulfillment facilities, the quality assurance procedure continues with thorough washing and inspection to uncover any flaws.

It ensures that the bundles align with your hair, with a natural wave, fullness, shine, and exceptional use.

Indique’s hair bundles are light and pliable, allowing natural movement and flow.

This chemical-free hair will add length, color, and structure to your natural hair, resulting in a faultless and refined look.

You can wash, blow-dry, curl, flat iron, and color their hair bundles without losing beauty or vitality.

#5 Private Label Extensions

Private Label Extensions

Private Label Wholesale was founded in Asia to provide a one-stop-shop for wholesale hair.

The private Label Extensions team has designed the most efficient, cost-effective, and user-friendly way to buy hair bundles, closures, frontals, wigs, and 3D lashes.

It’s the ideal store for anyone seeking a reliable product source, safe PayPal payments, and quick shipment direct from their manufacturing partners.

Their crew inspects all manufacturing facilities to ensure that everything is in working order. Furthermore, the Private Label Extensions sell top-quality hair bundles.

#6 Salon Labs

Hair Bundles at a Reasonable Price

SalonLabs is a virgin hair manufacturing and distribution firm that offers factory-direct prices on the highest grade unprocessed natural hair.

They specialize in providing premium hair products that meet the needs of customers.

They are one of the best hair bundle dealers!

Besides, they offer various colors and textures for Machine wefts, Lace Frontals, Lace Closures, Hand Tied Wefts, Clip-ins, Full Lace Wigs, Fusion extensions, ponytails, and Hair topper pieces.

Salon Lab deals directly with customers to give a fantastic customer experience in the hair industry. Thus there are no middlemen in sourcing, manufacturing, or distribution operations!

With a passion for hair, their goal is to develop a brand that people trust and enjoy. They provide high-quality human hair bundles at affordable pricing.

#7 The Virgin Hair Fantasy (TVHF)

High-Quality Hair Bundles at TVHF

The Virgin Hair Fantasy (TVHF) offers top-of-the-line pure virgin human hair bundles and excellent customer service.

TVHF offers straight, body wave, curly, and wavy virgin bundles.

Their virgin hair is unprocessed and has never been colored or exposed to harsh chemicals.

They monitor the quality control process, including washing, sterilizing, treating, conditioning, and air-drying the hair.

After that, the hair passes through a second stage, which comprises the Examination process, which inspects the finished items.

The hair cuticles are aligned in the same direction to avoid tangling and matting.

Hair bundles from TVHF are simple to style and maintain. Curling, straightening, and coloring are just a few styling techniques that work nicely.

Aside from looking great, buying hair bundles from The Virgin Hair Fantasy has a few other advantages.

They provide excellent customer service and look after customers from the moment they make a transaction.

#8 Queen Hair

100 % Virgin Human Hair Bundles at Queen Hair

Queen Hair provides 100 percent Virgin Human Hair bundles.

These hair bundles are regarded as one of the healthiest and most beautiful hair products available.

On the other hand, their products come in various grades, including Remy hair, raw virgin hair, and multiple textures and colors.

They employ advanced techniques to keep the hair bundles bright, gorgeous, and healthy.

With their bundles, it’s guaranteed that you have outstanding, full-bodied, and long-lasting hair.

Hair bundles at Queen Hair are available in four textures – Malaysian, Peruvian, Indian, and Brazilian hair. You can pick any!

You may wash, color, and blow-dry the bundles. Hair bundles will retain their beauty and vitality as long as you maintain them properly.

#9 Unice Hair

UNice Hair

UNice Hair is dedicated to offering consumers a diverse range of high-quality, carefully created hair bundles.

Everything in the UNice collection is supposed to feel rich, empowering, and as if it was manufactured specifically for the individual wearing it.

UNice aspires to set the best standards for beauty, fashion, and safety.

Using tried-and-true components in hair processing, every hair product they offer makes you feel like your UNice hair is an extension of you.

UNice hair, with its well-designed style and superb craft, has become the crown of modern ladies, young and old.

Their designers collaborate with professionals to test each ingredient and ensure that it is excellent for the hair, safe for the human body, and environmentally friendly.

They inspect every step of hair processing and manufacturing to ensure quality.

Final Thoughts

A woman’s hair is her most valuable possession, so we must keep it looking even better.

If necessary, add extensions, wigs, and hair bundles to give your hair a complete makeover.

These are the top 9 vendors to get the best human hair bundles. They offer high-quality virgin hair bundles that you can completely trust.

Also, check out 7 quick and easy hairstyles to try with your virgin hair bundles!

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