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Click Now!! and Watch Haikyuu-world’s Best Volleyball anime

All you need to know about Haikyuu before watching

  • Your favorite Volleyball based anime is all to release its final season which the franchise might surprise the web series lover by rolling out either a two-part series or two sequel movies of Haikyuu. Based on the popular manga series written by Haruichi Furudate, “Haikyuu” was first released in April 2014 with a collective effort from “Production I.G” studios. Since its release, it has become a well-known series and its viewers are not only restricted to Japan but also in other countries. So much is the popularity of the web series that it has won many prestigious awards that include “61st Shogakukan Manga Award”
  • The storyline is based on a young boy named “Shoyo Hinata” whose only aspiration is to become a volleyball player along with ” Tobio Kageyama” who were initially rivals at the volleyball court. But despite their differences, they come together to play for “Karasuno High School” and things take a u-turn after that. The most important reason for Haikyuu is the world’s best volleyball series is only because it is based on a boy who despite his small height overcomes his physical shortcomings and moves ahead to play nationals for his high school to which many people can relate often are dragged down by small obstacles in their life. This web series exemplifies top-notch animation, graphics, storyline, suspense, friendship, and hostility.
  • The previous season of Haikyuu was the fourth one and was released three years ago in December 2020. Since then viewers have been anticipating the last season of the series which is all set to be released this year. However, the exact date of release has not been made official but sources suggest that it will be rolled out in August in two-part sequel movies.

Where to watch “Haikyuu”?

Your favorite anime volleyball Haikyuu till now has been released up to 4 seasons that consist of a total of 85 episodes and cover manga series till 295. The first season was released in 2014 and the fourth was released in 2020. Speculations are being made that the fifth and final season is set to be released this very year. But there are several fans who want to watch the series all over again while others must be finding a suitable platform to watch “Haikyuu” from season 1 to season 4 including 4 separate movies of “Haikyuu”. In Japan, the holder for a license for the release of Haikyuu is “Sentai Filmworks” while in the American continent “Viz Media” holds the official license for release. Here are the details of where you will find HAIKYUU SEASON 5:

1. Crunchyroll – If you are an anime lover, you must have come across this platform at least once or might have heard it from someone. Crunchyroll is the best-paid platform where you can find all the fantastic content for anime. It claims to be the world an anime-specific platform where you can find anime movies and web series of all kinds of categories and genres. Crunchyroll claims to have the “World’s largest anime collection”. It offers a 14-day free trial for its viewers after that you can subscribe to it for additional benefits.

  • ₹79/month-In just ₹79 a month for the basic plan for a single device.
  • ₹99/month-If you want to stream on multiple devices you can avail of their next subscription of ₹99 a month which will allow you to have streaming options for 4 devices at a time.
  • Annual plan-For the yearly plan, you can choose ₹999 per year for extra discounts and benefits.

The Biggest advantage of Preferring Crunchyroll over other platforms is that the episodes are released within just after one hour it’s release in Japan. Irrespective of the plan you have subscribed for, you will be among the first ones to view the latest episodes while the wait for episodes on other platforms is a bit longer.

Crunchyroll contains three seasons of “Haikyuu” while for the fourth season and movies, you might have to venture into other platforms.

2. Netflix – Not much needs to be said about Netflix as you all might be aware of its presence on your device. There is no wonder why this platform is most reliable for its viewers. Netflix does contain all four seasons of “Haikyuu”. The main advantage of Netflix is that it has a worldwide presence, therefore in each piece of content here, you will be able to find multiple audio and subtitles options. In able to watch Haikyuu, you just need to subscribe to Netflix depending on your preference, and begin binge-watching!! Apart from Haikyuu, you can find other anime also in Netflix.

3. Amazon Prime – Another well-known platform after Netflix is Amazon Prime. Although it has unmatched content at par with other platforms you might be a little disappointed if you choose this platform to watch “Haikyuu” because it consists of only the first two seasons and the remaining seasons are not here. You can only prefer this platform if you already have a subscription to it and watch the initial two seasons here otherwise the above mentions platforms will do the purpose.

4. Disney PlusDisney+ also has all the seasons of “Haikyuu” but is operational in only selective countries therefore you can look up for “Haikyu” in this app in your country and then subscribe to the platform.

Where can I watch the Haikyuu all movies?

There are a total of 4 movies in the “Haikyu” franchise. To know more about the movies visit(Bigrows.com). You can find these movies on Crunchyroll and 9animetv.

When is the next season of Haikyuu coming?

Only speculations are being made about the final and new season of “Haikyuu”. Sources suggest that instead of a season, the rest of the remaining manga series will be covered in two sequel movies and will be rolled out soon one after another in either mid or towards the end of 2023.

Where can I watch “Haikyu” in English dubbed?

You can prefer Netflix which has the option of English audio as well as subtitles.

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