People mostly prefer to stick to the vegetables they like when cooking food. However, when the fresh options are not available, they switch to canned foods. If you also buy canned food often and wonder whether it’s a healthy choice or an unhealthy option, read on. Here we have tried to find the right answer.

What is Canned Food?

In simple terms, canned food is food that has gone through a canning process, which is a preservation technique to ensure that it doesn’t get spoiled or contaminated. Most usually, fruits and vegetables are canned within a few hours from the time they are picked. It involved three steps- processing, sealing, and heating.

In the processing stage, the fruits and vegetables are washed, peeled, chopped, or pitted. Sometimes blanching is also done before freezing or canning them. The next step is to add water, oil, or juice to the can. In the next stage, the can is sealed to ensure the food isn’t contaminated by air or other microorganisms. The last stage is hearing, in which the can is heated for some time to prevent spoiling and kill bacteria. Finally, the cans are cooled and shipped off to grocery stores.

Why are Canned Foods So Popular?

  • Freshness– The canned foods are fresh as attempts are made to retain their freshness.
  • Nutritious– The canning process doesn’t change the protein, fat, carbs, minerals, and fat-soluble vitamins present in the foods. So, you get the nutrition you need.
  • Time-Saving– You can just rinse the canned fruits or vegetables and add them to a dish or consume them raw.
  • Better Shelf Life– Canned foods last longer than usual and can be kept in the pantry for several months
  • Affordable– Most people can afford canned foods
  • Less Waste– You can choose canned foods in smaller quantities so that you don’t waste any food
  • Supports the Local Businesses– When you buy canned foods from the local farmers or factories, you will help them thrive and survive. Check the label to see where the food was made. It will also help take care of the environment and ensure that you have fresher food.

Getting Rid of the Unhealthy Elements

Though canned foods have many benefits, no one can deny that there are some unhealthy elements attached to them. Here are a few tips on how to make the right choice when buying canned foods when selecting and shopping from the Indian food market near you.

Look Out for the Salt

When buying canned foods, choose foods that come without added salt or pick from options with reduced salt. To eliminate the salt at home, rinse foods like chickpeas to get rid of the added salt (meant for preservation purposes) and liquid. Aim for foods that have less than 200mg of sodium in each serving.

Water is Your Friend

If you have the choice, make sure you pick canned foods that were canned by using water, not sugar-laden juices, or syrups. It will help avoid the extra calories.

Remember the Safe Ingredients

Avoid canned foods with a long list of ingredients. Some safe ingredients like acetate, ascorbic acid, and tocopherol are okay, but if a food has too many other such names, you better skip buying it.

Looks Matter

When buying canned foods, avoid cans that have budges, cracks, or dents. It might mean that the food has been contaminated by bacteria and consuming such food can make you very ill.

Where to Buy Quality Canned Foods?

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