A wedding is incomplete without the right wedding cake. A wedding cake gets all the attention at your celebration. Every invited guest will have a bite of the sweetness that represents your bond and relationship. It is a focal point for wedding photography too. So, when you are planning your wedding in 2021, it is necessary that you think of getting the perfect cake that will make everyone fall in love with it.

Plan Your Wedding Cake with Party Hall in Houston

When you are planning your wedding in Houston, you are probably booking a venue here. Now, all reputed party venues in Houston like Azul Reception Hall offers custom wedding cake that will add more stars and a sweet delight to your wedding. These days, venues collaborate with the top bakers and cake designers of the city and bring in the work of art that is your wedding cake.

So, when you are planning your cake, how about taking a look at the wedding cake trends in 2021? Take a look at the following points to know what kinds of cakes you can add to your wedding and what styles you should follow.

  • Skinner Cake with Multiple Tires

When you are planning a wedding in 2021, it is obvious that the guest list will be very small. Generally, weddings this year are cozy intimate ones and that is why getting skinnier cakes for the ceremony is becoming a common trend. Now, when you are doing so, go for multiple tires for the cake. However, it will not be on the scale of the ones that are designed for the big event. You can go for beautiful flower detailing for the cake that will look stunning in your wedding photos.

  • Cake Design with Other Sweet Treats

When you are planning your wedding cake, do you get confused between multiple options of sweet treats? If yes, then don’t worry. You can have it all for your cake. Now, bakers are designing cakes with macarons, chocolates and so on and creating some whimsical designs that will win your heart. Go for something similar and you will feel very happy seeing the end results.

  • Single Tire Cake

As per the trends witnessed at different party halls in Houston, cozy intimate weddings, with just the family members, are taking the center stage. That is why you don’t need a big cake either. Having a single tier cake with a beautiful design can be perfect. Floral looks or buttercream motifs will help you make your cake look stunning. And it will be perfectly adequate for your wedding too,

  • Mini Cakes

This year, guests are attending the weddings but they are pretty reluctant to share something common with other guests and rightfully so. While cutting a cake is a part of the celebration, it is necessary to ensure safety for everyone from the spread of the virus too and that is why serving from the same cake with the same utensils is not safe. Hence, another trend of this year is mini cake. As, most of the party venues near me in Houston are focusing on seated dinner plans this year, the individual mini cakes are served in beautiful boxes. We can always find a creative way to share the sweetness of a celebration anyway.

  • Modern Art Pieces

As weddings are becoming more intimate and smaller, the budget for other things is going down, couples are spending more money on their dream wedding cake. So, if you have always wanted to create a modern art piece with your wedding cake, it is time. When you are looking for the halls to rent near me, talk to the baker and cake designer of the venue you are booking and get a cake that will grab everyone’s attention immediately.

So, what are you waiting for? Go for these ideas of wedding cakes and design the perfect one to celebrate your wedding.