After you log in to Yahoo Mail on your device The app will store your password and username and ensure that you are connected.

If you wish to sign in to multiple Yahoo Mail accounts on your phone, click the Y! icon to access the Manage Accounts option , and then create an account.

If you are having trouble accessing your account, try to retrieve your password and username.You may also try using a different browser, or delete the cookies of your current browser.

Yahoo is not the most popular webmail service . That honour is Google’s Gmail however, as recently as the year 2020, Yahoo Mail boasted 225 million users.

If you’re one of the majority, you’ll require access to the account on your Yahoo Mail account

It’s available on your smartphone (both Android and iPhone) and also in a browser for the web on any device or computer. Here’s how to sign into.

Complete steps for log in to yahoo mail in Mobile :

If you’re making use of your Yahoo Mail app for the iPhone or for Android when you log in, you will remain logged in for a long time, unless you manually log out.The procedure to sign in is easy and similar whether you use either an iOS as well as an Android device.

Start using the Yahoo Mail app.If you’re still not connected to any email accounts, you’ll be able to see an account sign-in page.

  • Tap Sign In with Yahoo.
  • Enter in your Yahoo Mail username, email or mobile number for the account, then tap Next.
  • Enter your password and click Next.
  • In a matter of seconds and a moment, you’ll sign in and taken to your inbox.

If you’re registered with your Yahoo account but would like to join another one you can do this:

  • Tap the Y! Icon in the Yahoo Mail app’s top left corner.
  • Tap Manage your accounts in the menu.
  • Tap Create an account. If you’re using an iPhone, a dialog box will appear asking for permission to open a web browser window. Tap Continue.
  • Tap Next to enter your Yahoo Mail username, email address, or mobile number.
  • Tap Next and enter your password.
  • After a few seconds, you will be signed in and taken directly to your inbox.
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Complete steps for log in to yahoo mail in PC :

No matter what type of computer you have – Mac or PC, you can log in to Yahoo Mail using a web browser.Go to with a browser.Do this:

  • Enter your Yahoo Mail username, email address, or mobile number and then type Next.
  • Next and enter your password.
  • After a few seconds, you will be signed in and taken directly to your inbox.

How to log in to Yahoo Mail if you are unable to log in 


Yahoo Mail may be having trouble signing in. There are many reasons.Most likely, you have lost or forgotten your password or username.Yahoo makes it simple to reset your sign-in credentials and recover your account.This is how you can sign in to Yahoo!

  • Tap Forgot username? lick the Next button.Next, enter your recovery email address or phone number. Then, tap Continue to follow the instructions for logging in.
  • Tap Forgot Password? if you forget your password.Follow the instructions to reset your password, and log in.
  • It is also possible to see an unauthentic account or password error while trying to log in. There are a few typical solutions:
  • It’s usually a sign that you had a mistake in entering your credentials. Make sure you double-check your spelling and make sure you’re using the correct capitalization, and that you don’t confuse with similar characters like I 1, L, and 1.
  • If the issue continues Try logging in with an alternative device or an alternative web browser.
  • If your browser has an autofill feature, you must disable it and then enter your username and password by hand.
  • It is also possible to reset your password by using this Forgot Password? link. It’s possible that you changed your password at some time in the past, but didn’t note the changes.
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If your sign-in doesn’t work however you don’t see an error message, and the page simply reloads when you type in the username or password, you may need to delete the cookies in your browser.To do this, you must know how to delete all cookies from Google,Firefox , Microsoft Edge or Safari.

Working of yahoo email storage settings :

Yahoo Mail comes with 1TB of offline storage, in which attachments are available.The process of filling up this storage space could take a long time, but it’s feasible in the case of emails that are big and also packed with attachments.If you’ve reached the maximum limit of storage capacity in Yahoo mail service, then you’ll have to free some space.

You can clear out the Trash or Spam folders, remove older emails that contain attachments, and simply backup your emails to a different device.This is the most comprehensive guide to the guide to Yahoo’s storage settings which will give you a clear perception of the storage settings.

Connect/Disconnect Cloud Storage Service To Yahoo Mail App

Cloud-based storage solutions like Google Drive or Dropbox and allow you to save private files and images online. This means they can be accessed across all devices. It is possible to connect services with your Yahoo Mail app and you can also attach your images or files online to your outgoing emails.

Connect A Cloud Storage Service

  • Start the Yahoo the Mail App and then tap on the profile icon
  • Click on Settings, then tap Connect services.
  • Move the slider up to the left to connect any service that you would like to connect
  • Now, sign in using the username and password for Yahoo mail.
  • Click on Allow to allow Yahoo Mail access to the files
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Disconnect A Cloud Storage Service

  • Start the Yahoo mail application and tap on the icon for Profile.
  • Then, tap Settings, then tap Connect services.
  • Move the slider left to disconnect any service you wish to stop.

How to Verify Yahoo Mail’s Storage?

To determine the storage limit of email in your Yahoo mail account that is left, and ensure that you’re using the latest Yahoo Mail version.

Examining the Yahoo Mail limit in the basic account isn’t compatible.

This is why you need to ensure that you switch to the more advanced Yahoo Mail before checking the Yahoo Mail limit.

Log into your Yahoo Mail account and find the Gear icon at the top-right corner. Click it and select Settings on the dropdown menu.

In the Settings window, you can find how much storage that is used in percentage format.

If you notice the storage percentage being in the 90 range, then select Cancel and then perform the appropriate step based on the.

You can free up space for storage by deleting unwanted attachments and emails from your Yahoo account.

Begin by cleaning out your Trash or Spam folder. Once you have removed the folder as well as remove the emails that are in these folders click the Trash icon that appears right in front of each folder.

Click on the trash icon, then hit the OK button to delete the emails in the folders will be removed and will give you more space.

Additionally, you can archive large or bulk mail into the local storage of your PC or another Yahoo Mail account.