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How Effective Are Blue Light Blocking Glasses?

With the increased use of digital screens, different accessories have emerged to care for our eyes. Blue light blocking glasses work to protect your vision from harmful blue light.

The use of digital screens such as LCD is widespread. Indeed, it was before the pandemic, but with the physical distance imposed by prevention against Covid-19, teleworking and online classes are already installed as a way of life.

According to the latest report, 95% of the people surveyed use their smartphones to work or study, while 94% consider this tool essential. In addition, the use of social networks worldwide has skyrocketed by 27% between 2021 and 2022.

Today, in the technology market and even in ophthalmology, you can find glasses with a filter for blue light —the spectrum emitted by the sun and screens— to deliver better eye care.

Is Blue light a risk?

If you deal with eye discomfort daily and spend many hours in front of a computer, you would probably benefit from wearing blue-light-blocking glasses.

The light produced by these screens makes the eye ‘work more’ to focus. Thus, when you spend many hours with your computer or mobile, you can suffer from headaches and red, dry, or tired eyes.

Nobody foresaw that we would spend so much time glued to a screen, so the consequences cannot yet be fully defined. However, experts warn that this overexposure can lead to visual discomfort, migraines, or even difficulty sleeping.

Prolonged exposure produces a reduction in melatonin, the hormone responsible for sleep. That is why it is recommended not to use devices just before going to sleep.

What is recommended?

The solution? Of course, you can start by taking regular breaks when using digital devices, especially if you have to use them daily.

Even if you use blue light glasses to help reduce eye discomfort, you should still try to take breaks and stretch your legs in the meantime.

Your computer also has luminosity settings which you can regulate to feel visually comfortable while using an electronic device day or night.

If you already wear glasses, this filter can be applied to any prescription. If you do not need prescription glasses, you can still use non-prescription blue light glasses while working, studying, or at leisure.

Visit your local opticians to determine your prescription and whether or not you may need glasses.

Some combined blue light glasses manage to filter 30%, and they are especially recommended for those who spend many hours in front of a computer, such as gamers or who do an office job.

Can I buy blue light glasses online?

Yes, you can. Make sure to have an update-to-date prescription before purchasing any glasses.

You can then visit SmartBuyGlasses and explore their range of women’s, men’s, and kids’ glasses and sunglasses. Their zFORT® Blue light blocking can be added to various prescription glasses on-site with a few easy clicks.

So why not find your favorite style, color, and frame design to rock at the office, at home, and out while protecting your vision with the quality of a blue light filter.

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