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Plans, Materials, Details: For Cellar Home Remodel

Do you want to build a cellar in the basement of your house? Not sure how exactly you are going to start off? Well, you need not worry as we are here to help you out. We will tell you how exactly you can design or remodel the cellar of your house where you can store all your necessities. You can also get in touch with an Interior designer in Bangalore who can help you out in designing your cellar.

Understand the purpose of your cellar:

Before you start building your cellar, you need to identify its main purpose. Whether you would want to store your clothes or beautifully display your wine bottles, you need to make up your mind regarding what exactly you are going to do with your cellar. Depending on that, you will have to create your plans for the cellar. If you want your cellar to store your wine bottles, then you should pay special attention to the temperature of the room. If you want to use your cellar as a closet, then there should be lots of shelves and cupboards where you can store all your clothes in an organised manner. So, before starting off, it is very important for you to know what exactly the cellar is going to be used for.

Determine the size of your cellar:

The size of your cellar will depend completely on the purpose of your cellar. It will also depend on how much space you can devote to your cellar. When you decide the actual size of the cellar, you will be able to find out the average construction cost. You can also get an idea of the type of materials you are going to use in constructing your cellar. After you have determined the size and purpose of your cellar, you can begin with the designing process. Your Interior designer in bangalore can also provide you with suggestion regarding what might be the right size for your cellar.

Find out the location of the cellar: 

One of the most important things to consider while building a cellar is its location. Your cellar can be located anywhere in the house. It need not have to be a basement only. You can also convert the closet or a small room or even the space under your stairs to your cellar. However, the most popular location for creating a cellar is the basement. The location of the cellar will also determine the cost of constructing the cellar. It will also decide your available space and the temperature inside the seller.

Find out how you are going to insulate and frame your cellar:

First and foremost, you will have to frame the walls of your cellar. Keep in mind that the cellar was should have sufficient thickness. This will keep your cellar insulated all the time. You may even have to insulate the floor and ceiling of your house depending on the material using which the framework of the cellar is constructed. Once the construction process is complete, you should begin with the electrical process. You can hire an electrician and get all the electrical works done for your cellar. 

Determine your material:

Once you have insulated your cellar and have also done all your plumbing and electrical activities, you need to choose your ceiling, flooring and wall material. You can use wooden planks for the walls and ceilings of your house. You can also use concrete materials. Sometimes, gypsum walls also look really good. Make sure that the walls are nicely painted with waterproof paint. You can also use rot resistance hardwoods for the walls and floorings of your cellar. Wooden panelling also works really well. You can also choose any kind the flooring material that you want. Some people also go for tiles in creating the flooring of the cellar. An Interior designer in bangalore can also help you out in determining the right material for your cellar.

Design your cellar:

Once you are done with the construction process, you can begin the designing process. You can design your cellar depending on your choices and requirement. The design will also completely depend on the purpose of your cellar. You can add nice home decor items to the walls of the cellar to give it an attractive look. Include a comfortable sofa if you are planning to spend a considerable amount of time in the cellar. You can also place a nice rug on the floor of the cellar.

And this is exactly how you can design the perfect custom cellar doors for your house. Also, if you are still confused regarding how you should proceed, you can hire an Interior designer in bangalore for yourself and get your job done smoothly and in a complete hassle-free manner.

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