If you are looking for the best medicine for a rough day or a long day of work or even a perfect way of relaxation with something more, then a cup of freshly brewed roasted coffee can bring you a lot of that relief. Doesn’t matter whether you are a coffee lover or an occasional coffee drinker, getting a taste of roasted coffee can wake your soul up from its deep slumber and fill you with energy and vivaciousness. So, if you are looking for the best coffee roasters near me in Calgary, you are at the right place.

Coffee Roasters in Calgary and Their Stories

When it comes to the coffee roasters, there is a story always behind the whole innovation. These are the people who have never settled for just a bad cup of coffee. Rather they mixed passion and love for coffee with their sense of good taste and came up with the best-roasted coffees in town. So, if you are someone who wants the most authentic taste of roasted coffee and want to pick a bag from these coffee roasters in Calgary, you are at the right place. Take a look at the following options from where you can pick your roasted coffee.

Phil & Sebastian

Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters is one of the most popular places in Calgary from where you can get the best roasted coffee for your daily dose of caffeine. Phil and Sebastian are two seemingly normal engineers who graduated together and stepped ahead with their bright future. But their passion lied in something different. After tasting lots of bad espressos, they decided to make their own and bring some change. After lots of experiments, roadblocks, and curveballs, the venture finally started at Calgary Farmer’s Market on March 30th, 2007. After John Gilchrist, a local food critic published about them in Calgary Herald in April 2007, things change for Phil & Sebastian. With the increasing popularity, they decided to roast their own coffee. With again a few hiccups, they started serving their roasted coffee in July 2009. Currently, they get a regular supply of authentic coffee green beans from Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Colombia, Bolivia, Kenya and Ethiopia. And now, Phil & Sebastian Coffee Roasters have four places at Mission, Chinook Center, Calgary Place and Simmons Building Café. For authentic amazing quality roasted coffee and to support this local business, you should drop by.

Collective Coffee Roasters

Making the perfect cup of coffee is an art. Keeping this in mind, Collective Coffee Roasters is here offering the best cup of roasted coffee in Calgary. They have another principle for their business. They believe for the past many years, the demand for coffee has increased a lot all over the world, especially in the west, while most of the coffee is produced in developing countries. And the farmers of these countries struggle for a fair wage as the commodity market deprives them of the right price. Collective Coffee Roaster surpasses the commodity market and reaches the farmers to buy the coffee beans at a fair price. Their business is headed by Ryan Luttrell and Victoria Luttrell. Though their coffee journeys are very different from each other, their passion is safe. They strive to be the best coffee roasters in Calgary and offer the best taste of coffee to the aficionados of Calgary.

Motherload Coffee

Motherload Coffee is a very new venture that has started its journey in 2020 in Calgary. Headed by two women, this roastery started its coffee journey in Calgary and Peru where the founders were born and raised. While they both wanted to do this a long time ago, the trying times of 2020 made them realize that life is too short and that is all should seize the day. They fuse two different cultures, artistry and knowledge of coffee to create magic in every cup.

So, instead of visiting coffee shops, if you want to brew your own cup of coffee with authentic roasted coffee, then pick from any of these roasters. Acknowledge their talent by supporting their local business.