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Difference between commercial and residential movers in San Jose

There are many types of moving such as residential moving, office moving, commercial moving, piano moving etc. But the most used moving types are residential and commercial moving. Many people think that there is no such difference in residential moving and commercial moving. But what they don’t know is that these two terms are totally different in terms of working and in terms of implementing the strategies for the moving. There are many residential movers in San Jose who are doing their best work. And same is the case with commercial movers.

In this article we will discuss the difference between residential and commercial moving and we also discus that do movers in San Jose are eligible for commercial moving.

Working model

If we talk about the working model of the both types, it is evident from the names. Residential moving is for the residential sector, such as studio apartments, houses, apartments and so on. Whereas commercial moving is for the large scale offices, departmental stores, factories, etc.

When you hire a residential moving company they came up with all the stuff which are used in the residential moving. Such as boxes which are of perfect size for the household things. But if you want to move commercially then you have to hire commercial moving company. Because you cannot move your entire factory or warehouse in the residential moving boxes or bins. For commercial moving you need big boxes and big stuff to store. And transport important data and important appliances from one place to another.


Did you know that moving companies charge according to the moving size and moving weight? If you’re moving your house or an apartment you have to select the moving size option. Also mention your moving size at the time of quotation. So that the moving company representative can give you the estimated cost. Same is the case with commercial mobbing.

Local moving company in San Jose cost you according to the moving size. But in commercial moving you have to mention other things as well. Such as, how many computers related stuff you have in your office. How much of the furniture is there to move and related stuff which has no link with the residential move. Because many people try to move their commercial office in the price of residential move. But in reality this is very unsafe because you cannot pack your heavy file and heavy computes in the cardboard boxes or house moving boxes. You need special bins and special boxes to move your office form one place to another.

Days of moving

Normally when you hire residential movers in San Jose they give you an estimated time in which they will do the packing work and moving part. If you hire residential movers for your packing, they will pre arrange your packing day before the moving date so that they can have more time to pack your stuff safely and effectively.

But in commercial moving you have to give dates weeks earlier because commercial moving took place on the large level and you have to move each and everything form one office to another. And office includes, telephone lines, computers, and other IT stuff along with the important files and much more.

Moving strategy

When you hire a moving company for your residential move they plan their too do list according to the residential protocols. But if you hire a moving company for a business move they prepare the to do list according to that. Many people think that commercial moving is just a larger scale of residential moving but in reality it takes different material to use in the commercial moving for example if a factory is moving from one place to another how will they move their machines, in the cardboard boxes?

No! They will hire a commercial moving company who knows how to move heavy machinery from one place to another. If we take on a small level, if a corporate office is moving from one place to another, how will they pack their entre office in cardboard boxes? They will not, they will surely hire a commercial moving company who will do the work affectively and timely.

In short, it is important to hire respective moving companies according to the moving type. You cannot hire commercial moving for the residential move and residential moving company for the commercial move.

Many people think that there are different companies for residential and commercial. But did you know moving companies provide both services but with the different pricing and charges. You don’t need to worry about hiring different companies for every move. All you have to do is to select the moving type and the rest will be taken care by the professional moving company you have hired. But it is important to check the website of the moving company that do they provide the services of the moving type you are looking for, if yes then it’s a win situation for you.

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