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Cube Solitaire 101: Novice’s Guide to Becoming a Pro

Solitaire was introduced to teach people how to get acquainted with the drag-and-drop feature of the mouse. It was an easy trick to teach people how to use computers easily through games. The game controls were straightforward, and players needed to use the mouse to click and drag the cards and drop them in the relevant tableaus.

Even though everyone knows how to use a computer these days and technology has advanced significantly, the game continues to be the go-to activity for most people. Several Solitaire variants came into being to cater to millennial gamers’ requirements. One of the most popular versions is Solitaire Cube. It is a fast-paced version of the traditional game; each match lasts about five minutes. You can engage in intense battles with random online opponents or friends. From a single-player game, Cube Solitaire has emerged as one of the best multiplayer games you can install on your device to stay engaged for hours.

The card game is deceptively straightforward. It is easy to learn, and you should not take long to get the hang of the game. However, if you are a newbie, you might go through several hurdles before becoming a pro. So keep scrolling to know everything you need to start playing and becoming a master.

Cube Solitaire Standard Rules

You cannot start playing Cube Solitaire without knowing the rules. The objective is straightforward. You have to score points higher than your opponent to win. But achieving this goal is easier said than done. It would be best if you abide by the rules, and they are as follows:

  • The cards must be moved descendingly to solve the deck. You need to arrange the cards in alternating colors while maintaining the suit.
  • If there’s an empty column, you can move the King card.
  • The cards must be dragged and dropped to their favorable positions in the columns, and when you have finished building the deck, you have to transfer it to the foundation pile.
  • If you have run out of potential moves, you need to tap the stockpile, and new cards will be placed on top of the existing cards on the tableau.
  • Each match session lasts for about three to five minutes. You must score as many points as possible before the timer runs out. You will lose if you cannot place the finished decks on the foundation pile before your opponent.

Have you understood the basic rules? Then, you can start playing the game. The more you play, the more you will discover the nuances. You can also continue reading to learn more about Cube Solitaire to flex your skills quickly.

How to Score?

Every player knows the obvious way to score in the game. You will get points once you transfer the finished deck to the foundation pile. But that’s not the only action that can fetch you points. There are other ways to score in the game. For instance, you might be faced with an unsolvable deck. What do you do then? You can get the maximum points possible by arranging the cards and tapping the submit button. As you submit early, you will get a timer bonus. It might make a massive difference to your final tally.

Here’s the scoring system. Knowing this will help you to strategize the game accordingly so that you can beat your opponent.

  • When you uncover a face-down card, you score twenty points
  • If you move previously removed cards to the tableau from the foundation pile, you will score seventy points
  • You will score twenty points by playing cards from the stockpile
  • If you form the right set and transfer to the foundation deck, you will score five hundred points
  • When you move cards to the foundation pile, you score a hundred points
  • If you finish the game before the timer runs out, you will get a timer bonus

Basic Strategies

Cube Solitaire is a simple game but with layers of complexity. It is a challenging game, and it will push your mental abilities. The game provides an adequate mental workout that you need to stay sharp and focused. By implementing the following strategies, you can enhance your winning chances.

  • Pound Down on the Larger Stacks

Start by winding down the larger stacks so that you can expose more face-down cards. Then, it would be best if you thinned those stacks so that more cards are revealed, and you can have more potential moves to create a finished build.

  • Plan Moves According to the Color of the Card

Whether you fill an empty spot with a black or red King can make a huge difference to the game’s outcome. It will dictate the color of the specific build. Therefore, you need to analyze the cards you have at hand and accordingly plan your move. You must not mistake placing cards wherever you deem fit without first assessing them.

  • If You Don’t Have a King Card, Don’t Empty a Pile

If you remove all the cards and empty a pile but don’t have a kind card to place, you will find yourself stuck. The vacant column will remain empty for a long time unless you find a king card.

  • Uncover the First Deck Card

When you play Cube Solitaire, you need to start by uncovering the first deck card so that you can begin building a finished deck. After that, you will reveal a covered card and get more options as you flip the card.

The Bottom Line

Keep these in mind while playing Cube Solitaire, so you don’t take too long to master the skills and become a pro.

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