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Dislike the Heat? How To Maintain Your Health While Staying Indoors

Summer, for many people, represents the highlight of the year. The sunshine appears, lasting for most of the day. The heat picks up, and the beach and pool become mainstays for the season. However, not everyone loves those intense temperatures.

When the thermometer goes over 90, it signals some people to head indoors, relishing the coolness of air-conditioned rooms. Is it healthy, though, to spend so much time inside? You’re comfortable, but you may miss out on the natural environment, social time and sun rays. Find ways to keep moving and feel good by focusing on the following five strategies.

  1. Find a Sun Replacement

For years, researchers have focused on the negative factors of sunlight, emphasizing the danger of ultraviolet rays ( UVA and UVB). As a result, people-focused closely on skincare and fighting against cancer. While critical, current studies point to its benefits. WebMD notes that sunshine offers several benefits, playing a role in sleep, vitamin D creation and mood.

You may need to make up the sun’s perks if you’re not outdoors. Consider using a lightbox and taking a vitamin d supplement.

  1. Make a Mini-Gym

You move about, checking out nature or spending time with others when you’re outdoors. You walk out the doors of your home to run errands, swim in the local pool or hike a trail. These events don’t sound as tempting when it means coming home with soaked shirts and possible dehydration.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, physical activity assists in destressing from the daily grind and providing an outlet for excess energy. It’s also beneficial for heart health and the waistline.

However, inside you have cramped quarters. You may sit more, burning fewer calories. Pent-up energy may prove challenging, making it harder to fall asleep and relax. Therefore, during the months you don’t want to enjoy the fresh air, have a plan to boost your cardio workouts inside.

Find a room for exercise. Buy some lightweight equipment such as weights or bands. Invest in a few online or DVD tools, allowing you to change your routines. Get a yoga mat for some break days.

  1. Skip the Processed Foods

The pantry is close to you when you spend most of the day indoors. If it’s filled with delicious treats like chips, crackers and cookies, that could upset your stomach and deplete your energy. Those foods often contain higher levels of sugar, especially carbohydrates. The Eat This, Not That website notes that this impacts insulin levels. When you have ups and downs, you could experience more lethargy.

The Eat This, Not That article also discusses the benefit of switching to whole foods with fewer chemicals and sugars. Focus on keeping a stale sugar supply, eating every two to three hours. You may feel better and get more accomplished.

  1. Pick Out a Few Indoor Games

Keep your brain sharp by doing something. Inside, it’s tempting to binge-watch your favorite shows. An article from the University of Central Florida notes significant dangers to sitting for hours enjoying your favorite shows. The report reveals that those who spend over four hours devouring one show have a higher risk of heart disease and early death.

Resist the temptation by having a collection of other entertainment, particularly mental games. Do you like strategy? Find a good word game or puzzle. Do you love stories? Hit the library for books. Give yourself options that encourage you to think and distract you from the tube.

  1. Prioritize Sleep

Make sure you stick to a good routine and continue your bedtime routine. Sleep allows your mind and body to refresh overnight, restoring energy and helping mood. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services notes that most adults need at least 7 hours a night. When that isn’t met, the source details the effects: difficulty getting along with others, mental fogginess, weight struggles, and immune concerns.

Those high temperatures are unpleasant. If you’re indoors enjoying some cool air, it’s understandable. Be sure, though, to support your body correctly. Eat well, keep moving, and give yourself entertainment options.

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