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Enjoy Camping with a UTE

Ute canopy is an aluminium framework attached to a vehicle chassis for storing and transporting tools, various types of equipment, and camping goods.

What could be handier than a Ute with a well-equipped back end with an aluminium tray?

You should, however, pay close attention to factors such as price, weight, and quality when making your final decision on Ute Canopies. Although there are cheaper options available, they are all vulnerable to deterioration, leading to costly repairs.

When it comes to using the space in a Ute, there is a wide range of possibilities. Setting it up correctly for your car is the most important consideration. Many individuals make the mistake of not grasping this the first time around and have to make a change. However, bear in mind that this is a labour-intensive, money-sucking endeavour that will only serve to frustrate you further.

Ute canopies can be purchased in stock or can be customised to fit your vehicle’s specific needs, and these alternatives are generally presented throughout the process of acquiring one. The pocketbook and the canopy’s purpose must be considered while selecting. For example, standard configurations may be too large or too tiny for the equipment designed to be transported. You don’t need pricey instruments to rattle about in the background during the trip because your gear is in a position where it won’t be safe. Your instruments may be safely housed in a canopy built to your specifications. In addition to saving you more room, this design allows you to add more accessories in the future quickly.

When purchasing an aluminium Ute Canopy, what should you keep in mind?


If they are overweight or unbalanced, your insurance may be lowered or invalidated, and your chances of being involved in an accident are higher. Due to the large storage capacity behind the rear axles, utes are notoriously unbalanced vehicles. The chassis of several double cab Utes has been twisted as a result. Be careful to weigh the canopy in writing before purchasing because it is the weight you will be charged!


There are a lot of crooks out there, so keeping your canopy’s equipment safe is critical. Camping and four-wheel-driving gear are tempting options for those looking for a fast payday. An aluminium tray can be broken open in seconds, while others require so much effort that many people give up before even trying.

Criminals won’t even consider breaking into your home if you have a high-quality canopy. Canopy locks intended to latch onto the lock before the door can be opened illustrate the technical engineering that goes into a well-built canopy. Nowadays, you may obtain Canopies that don’t even allow you to remove the lug from the canopy until you have unblocked the canopy. As a result, the only way in is through a hole carved with a grinder.


The quickest and most straightforward way to turn a Ute into a usable touring vehicle is with a canopy. From $2500 to $4000, you may buy this item. Air vents, window screens, roof rack systems, sliding windows, and a slew of other choices are available as options and accessories for the canopy. However, when it comes to saving money, you may have to be a little more selective.

You should expect to pay up to $1500 per locker after installation, even if various alternatives are available on the market, from air lockers to electronic lockers. Having everything in place, your four-wheel drive can traverse challenging terrain. As a result, you should put money aside to cover the underneath of your car.

A dual battery system is necessary to power the refrigerator, other devices, and the basic set-ups. To get the most out of your car’s starting battery, you’ll need to shell out at least $1000.

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