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Grow Your Business With QuickBooks Hosting

When we think about small business accounting software, the first name that comes to mind is QuickBooks. One of the most popular applications for accounting businesses, this software helps in managing income and expenses to maintain businesses’ financial health. Whether it is invoicing customers, generating reports, or paying bills, QB can do it all easily. But it has some limitations as well that you can overcome when you choose QuickBooks hosting for business.

Let’s discuss the various aspects of the software hosting for business and how you can benefit from it.

What is QuickBooks Hosting for Business?

QuickBooks hosting for business refers to installing the desktop version of QB on a cloud server, instead of hosting it on a local computer. By being an authorized user, you can easily access software from anywhere, and at any time with QB hosting for business.

If you are looking for the robustness of the QuickBooks Desktop version paired with cloud technology benefits, you need QuickBooks hosting for business.

Features of QuickBooks Hosting For Business

Here we describe the features of QB hosting,

● Secure and Reliable

This hosting from QB is secure, reliable, and quick.

● Budget-Friendly

This cloud hosting is really budget-friendly and provides you with the best features.

● Seamless Collaboration

It allows you to work on the same file with your peers at the same time, increasing your productivity.

● Ease of Access

With QB cloud hosting get device freedom. Access your QB files and data from any of your devices.

● Flexibility

With cloud hosting, user can access their data from anywhere.

● 100% Uptime Guaranteed

Get 100 percent assured uptime with a dependable data center.

How will QuickBooks Hosting Help Businesses to Grow?

  • You buy a licensed copy of QuickBooks desktop software and hire a cloud hosting provider to host it on a cloud server.
  • The selected cloud solution provider will share his credential with you and your member for secure and authenticated access to the software.
  • End users access cloud-hosted QuickBooks by using Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP).
  • This also allows easy software access from different devices empowered by various operating systems.
  • The feature, functions, and interface of QB will be the same as the desktop version.

Working on QuickBooks Cloud Hosting

Now you have understood all about QuickBooks hosting, let’s now learn how cloud hosting works.

  • An approved copy of QB is merely installed on the hosting provider’s cloud server.
  • The following parameters ensure that the client in question has an internet connection to the cloud server: A sufficient security measure has been put in place to check the app and the user’s validity.
    The Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP), which may be set up to log in as an ideal client, is an easy way to create a network connection between the end-user device and the server.
    This may be accessed from any smart device, such a tablet, PC, or smartphone, and it works with a range of operating systems, including Windows, iOS, and Android.
  • The user can access QB by using an internet browser such as Chrome, Internet, Explorer, Firefox, and many more or via the simple RDP way.
Why Choose QB Cloud Hosting?

The following key point will mention the importance of this cloud hosting.

  • It supports the third-party QB desktop add-ins such as the Cashflow tools.
  • 24/7 support via mail, chat, and phone to handle customer queries.
  • In case of disaster, they provide QB company file backup service.
  • Assist you with the assured time along with a service level agreement.
  • Without any hassle, you can use it with Google Chrome as the default system browser.
  • For any user who wants to migrate from QuickBooks desktop to the cloud, for them there is a specified onboarding process.
  • Ensure the best server performance.
  • Has multiple data centers to protect you from any natural disaster.

Wrapping Up!

The QB cloud hosting makes it easier to retrieve such information.in the article, we have mentioned all the details related to the cloud hosting of QuickBooks. Read the whole article carefully to understand what is cloud hosting in QB and its uses.

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