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How To Ensure 100% Uptime Of Your Business?

The significant amount of times that a system or program is fully available throughout any specific period is referred to as uptime or availability. 

To maintain the stability of the business operation, it is necessary to ensure the high uptime of your business. It occurs in your business when not available for a long time. High availability is important if you want all parts of your business infrastructure to be fully operational. If it fails or encounters errors even occasionally, it will create issues with the reputation as well as customer satisfaction. 

Generally, uptime depends on how long a particular service is available and able to meet user demands. Some factors that affect availability are system failure and unplanned maintenance times. To ensure the high uptime of your business, regardless of its size, some aspects must be covered. 

How to ensure 100% Uptime of your business

Every organization that relies on technology would really like to attain 100% infrastructure uptime for higher efficiency. Although the concept of 100% uptime is attractive, that is not always attainable. Therefore, with just a little support from these guidelines, businesses can achieve the most out of the existing system and also get further to their availability expectations.

  • It strongly advises businesses to require a mandatory minimum uptime of at least 99.9 percent, which should be monitored periodically. Moreover, go above and beyond by guaranteeing your clients 100 percent availability.
  • Always use the most advanced, cutting-edge IT infrastructure for your business. Note that disaster recovery is an essential component of the system configuration. The initiative benefits from responding in dangerous times. Thus, if you have had no interruption, guaranteeing that you keep your promises to your consumers.
  • Provide ongoing monitoring by continuously analyzing your own business’s whole supply network in actual environments, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Provide advanced monitoring and capabilities for your own company, ensuring the highest levels of service availability and reliability for your customers.
  • Monitor comprehensive end-to-end insight into your own activities, and the employees’ activities. It will result in the greatest possible customer experience, with no interruptions or errors.
  • Actively check your own high-quality service 24×7, so you can be confident that you are always experiencing the greatest possible service availability. As a result, the cost of lost productivity, and reputational harm associated with downtime is reduced. Thus promising 100% service availability, helps to focus on operating your businesses.
  • Use a managed service provider namely Essential Tech to ensure 100% uptime of your network and other technical matters of your business. 

Why is the uptime of your business necessary? 

Whenever it comes to selecting reliable clients, accessibility of services and uptime are important concerns for any organization, and there is also a greater difference between 90, 95 percent, 99 percent, and 100 percent than you may believe – and the expenses might be huge.

When organizations across all industries continue to migrate away from resource-intensive, on-premise legacy programs and infrastructure, the idea of uptime or high availability is now an important aspect to evaluate when selecting a solution or service provider. Companies nowadays are relying on the principle of uptime and optimal operational effectiveness.

Uptime is the amount of time a system or service is active. Regardless of the fact that this is only a technical word that can be swiftly overlooked. The uptime of your website is important to the achievement of your business. To know how uptime helps a successful organization, we must also consider what happens when downtime occurs.

  1. Client trust and trustworthiness

Offering consistent and reliable service builds better customer connections. Your brand presence quickly ruins when your site is currently inaccessible to your clients. Although if your organization has little to do with tech, downtime affects consumer loyalty. You live in a time when access to the network, and hence accessibility, is regarded as a constant necessity, like power or gas. The effect of unavailability on your company, and client trust go simply down. It is dependent on whether or not your firm is accessible online.

  1. Lost opportunity 

Network interruptions consume a lot of time. Clients waste time attempting to contact you during outages. You lose time speaking back and forth about your supplier until the situation is fixed, and then you lose even more time looking down on half-finished sales and customer complaints. Time wasted eventually leads to lost output. When your website is unavailable for two hours and your employees are unable to complete their tasks, you ultimately lose money equivalent to the hourly basis of each worker. A webpage that works continuously protects you from everything else.

  1. Profit loss

It is most likely the most essential point. A site downtime makes your products, resources, and brand inaccessible to the rest of the world. Customers can’t buy your items, you can’t market your products, and you make a loss. It thus, meanwhile, is dependent on how much income your company earns through internet channels. An e-commerce website that relies entirely on uptime for income losses more than a physical store. To quickly calculate lost income, multiply the unavailability in hours by the revenue rate per hour. Then calculate the percentage based on how much your income streams are dependent on the availability of your website. 

  1. Improved SEO score

Lastly, Google monitors your webpage and punishes you if it is found offline on several occasions. Since each downtime is unlikely to harm your website’s ranking, a good uptime number will add to an overall strong SEO ranking in the long run.


Regardless of the size, capacity, and type of business, you live in a world where computing has become ingrained in our way of life. Downtime can cost you in some cases without a perfect disaster recovery system, it can permanently damage a company’s reputation. Infrastructure management is not easy. You cannot deny it. 

There are some aspects to consider, especially when you have to think about issues like failures and downtime. This is why it is necessary to understand the concept and the value of setting up and ensuring the high uptime of the various services. Hope the above guide help to ensure the high uptime of your business. 


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