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How To Keep The Interest Of Online Video Viewers?

Have you ever thought about what exactly drives your YouTube video views? If you are like most video creators, you will surely spend more time creating original ideas, which causes the optimization part to get visits to be left aside on many occasions. Do not get confused because making quality content is of the utmost importance. However, you should keep in mind that a large part of the success of your channel will be due to optimization to get online video viewers.

For the purpose of promoting your videos, viewers are of the utmost importance. If you give them what they ask for, it is a fact that you will increase the watch time and the subscriber count. To achieve this series of objectives, you must take advantage of three fundamental pillars: conversation, interactivity, and trust.

Viewers need conversation to stay.

You should think that your YouTube channel is not just a place to put a video and leave it forgotten in the first instance. On the contrary, you have to see your channel as a place that gives access to share your content and interact with online video viewers. In this sense, the videos you upload are a means to inspire conversations among your audience. When posting videos, you will automatically motivate your audience to engage more if you have that mindset. With all of the above, you should already be very clear that YouTube is a very social platform. This makes conversations very effective in forming bonds with your audience. Here are some tips you can use to start the conversation:

Talk to the public in your videos.

Depending on the theme of your video, you can include a question or dynamic in which any of your viewers can be motivated to participate. Interaction messages can be left throughout the video or only at specific times.

Use companion videos to talk to your online video viewers.

If you are making some type of content based on a narrative script and integrating the interaction is difficult for you, a great alternative is to create complimentary videos that you can dedicate entirely to keeping in touch with the viewers, thanking them, or responding to their comments.

Be authentic.

The content should feel like a natural conversation because that’s what it is. To achieve full effect, it should be noted that there is a real person behind the monitor. Express yourself in an authentic, sincere, and honest tone.

Interactivity is the key for your online video viewers.

Interaction is key to building a loyal YouTube community with your online video viewers. Positive interactions can turn casual viewers into long-term, loyal followers. In addition, responding to comments and mentions on social networks will encourage your community to actively participate in your channel. One of the unique advantages of creating content on YouTube is that you can give your audience the opportunity to participate in what you do. For this, you can use the following tips.

Ask your viewers direct questions.

Leave questions to your viewers in your videos, so you can answer them in the comments or in a later video. Also, don’t hesitate to ask viewers to like, share, comment on your videos or subscribe.

Ask viewers for ideas.

Request viewers to suggest ideas for next upcoming videos. Ask them what they would like to see and create your videos accordingly.

Incorporate what viewers send you.

Include video clips of your fans (with their respective permission) in a special video. You can also reward your most loyal online video viewers to thank them for their participation and engagement.

Run cool contests or giveaways to show your gratitude for their support. One of the best ideas to reward your viewers can be to name them within one of your videos.

Some users, on the other hand, organize digital meetings with their fans through live broadcasts, Instagram, Google Hangouts, or Zoom. Of course, you could also organize a personal meeting if that option is within your possibilities.

Popular creators often cite the importance of consistency, whether it’s in terms of formats, branding, personality, or upload schedule. For this reason, it is very important that a well-established idea is implemented that will keep the audience interested for several episodes. Don’t forget to post your videos regularly on a specific day of the week and make sure the public is aware. Keeping your online video viewers happy is a task that should not be so complex. If you want to share more about video promotion, you can comment below.

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