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How to Smartly Choose Modern Bathroom Shower Tiles

With innumerable options for tiles in a variety of sizes, colors, shapes, and materials, it becomes confusing to end up on a confident decision for bathroom tiles. The floor and wall of the washroom have to be covered with hygienic and easy to clean surfaces that will retain their appearance for a long time. Therefore it is important to choose the things right. To help you pick the ideal bathroom shower tile, here are our top five tips that can be really helpful.

  • Add a standout feature.

If you have a bathtub that is a connection between two or more walls, make it the highlighting feature of your bathroom. Add a tiled area surrounding the tub that gives it a standout appeal. If nothing seems a considerable option for you, classic white tiles or even a beige-colored shower tile will add life to your bathroom.

  • Leave subtleness and be funky with the bathroom floor.

While designing a bathroom, people usually forget the floor tiles. But it is the most dominating part of your bathroom’s appearance. While they are more hardwearing than wall tiles, they need to be equally attractive as the wall tiles. Therefore you can experiment with unique bathroom shower tiles with a wooden pattern. Try giving your bathroom floor a classic and distressed look. You can also opt for monochrome tiles to give a chessboard theme to the washroom. If you like experimenting, mosaic tiles are a good-to-go option.

  • Give a spark to the shower enclosure.

The walls inside your shower enclosure need not match the rest of the bathroom shower tiles. When it comes to tiling, you can choose a slightly different color or pattern. For example, mirror tiles or contrasting blue tiles can work well to add spark to the bathroom. You can even create interesting patterns using mini mirror tiles.

  • Choose small tiles for small bathrooms.

If the bathroom is in a small space, do not prefer going with large tiles as they can make the bathroom look even smaller. However, there are some interesting choices out there of basic, smaller bathroom tiles that look impressive. The only downfall is that small tiles need more time to add to the bathroom. But the final result is all worth it.

  • Choose the colors according to your personality.

After all, the color of the bathroom depends on your preference. If the bathroom is the place of your home where you spend more time, choose a color that keeps you alive. If the bathroom is only for your use, then spending money on expensive 2×8 tile won’t be worth it. If it is a family bathroom, it means the bathroom will be used a lot. In that case, you can choose to spend on expensive shower tiles. Decide a color that all your family members agree on. Plus, it should also match the vibe of the surrounding.

When deciding the interior design of the bathroom, it all depends on your personality, and there is no exception with tiles.

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