Kasol is truly the paradise for everyone who wants to get their call, those who want to climb mountains, those who want to swallow some of the sun, In a peaceful position on the banks of the river, in the middle of the picturesque valley of Parvati.

Winter 2021 How’s the Weather in Kasol?

Questions are raised concerning snowfall in Kasol, winter temperatures in Kasol, December weather in Kasol, locations to visit in Kasol in December, and whether a hike around Kheerganga in December is an excellent idea. Let’s first talk about Kasol’s winter weather. The winter months in Kasol are from October through February. Those who appreciate the cold and cool and are ready for an adventurous journey are therefore welcome to visit Kasol in December. Due to severe and frequent snowfall, most roads towards Kasol are inhospitable in winter. If it is not, however cold and dry winter winds make exploring the valley sometimes difficult.

In winter 2021 things to do in Kasol

Anyone who has ever been thinking of coming to Kasol in December or any winter month should be scared and puzzled about their trip to Kasol in these cool months; however, in winter, there are undoubtedly some advantages and beauty in mountains which cause you to take the risk and a lot to do.

1. Kheerganga Trek

Kheerganga trip may be made any month of the year however you have to be somewhat careful when you want to hike in high snowfall months (sometimes it doesn’t really snow). You reach an altitude of around 3050 meters and from the summit of this hike, you certainly may enjoy views of Kasol. It leads you through many beautiful valleys and villages of the Himalayan, giving you the chance to capture some of your life’s greatest wilderness. The walk is approximately 10 kilometers long and for beginners, it is a little difficult.

2. Cafe Hopping

A major reason Kasol is adored by many is its comfortable, creative, and fun-filled cafés. These cafes are for people who want to break away, relax in the middle of nature and just look at the falling snowflakes, sit around a fire and sing, or watch the way of life in the mountains quietly. You can go to the cafe to find the one you feel right at home. you want to explore.

3. Photography

You must visit Kasol in winter if you are the type of photographer and always long for the Himalayas. A beautiful picture for your images is created by the remote slopes covered with a thick, white covering and the parched trees wearing a snow veil. In winter, some of Kasol’s best photos are made. Even though it isn’t snowing This year it is a lovely paradise for nature photographers and landscapers in Kasol.

4. Snowfall In Kasol

If you plan to see the beautiful snowy season in Kasol, then it’s the time from December to January. Kasol attracts many travelers and experts to witness Himachal’s most amazing snowfall. There’s so much you can do in Kasol for a great experience from going on a snow adventure to constructing a nice snowman.

Benefits from traveling in winter to Kasol

Kasol exploration has its own advantages in the winter. Snowfall in Kasol in 2021 can even be enjoyed! See the finest arguments for this.

1. Like a boss, walk about with no crowd

Anyone who would like to live and feel Kasol’s real essence without being disturbed by bruising tourists must arrange a vacation to Kasol in December or January. And, if not many tourists, it’s worth watching how local people treat you. You’re going to receive all the attention and not overcrowd the popular eateries in Kasol. Looks like visiting a nice time, no?

2. Cut prices And Stays Fancy

The rooms for hotels and resorts can be up to 50% discounted and the transport costs will also be reduced. You won’t have to reserve lodging in advance as you’ll obtain great discounts offline. Without much trouble, you will easily get to the most luxury resorts and hotels. Therefore, if you are thinking of a budget trip to this snow-covered country, winter is the greatest time to go.

Around Kasol villages

Besides Kasol, some of the picturesque villages can be explored on a trip around it. Just have a look.

1. Naggar Village

Naggar is a large village 58 miles away with the stunning Castle Naggar and the Museum and Art Gallery of Nicholas Roerich. This lovely village in the middle of the majestic mountains may be taken in a cab. On a vacation to Kasol, the site is absolutely worth visiting!

2. Malana Village

Who did not hear about Malana! Who did not hear about Malana! This small oasis is only 20 kilometers from Kasol and is a must-see for anyone who wants to observe the Himalayan communities’ sluggish and tranquil life. It is an old town known throughout India for its high-quality Hashish and the residents who claim to be decorators of the troops of the Greek ruler Alexander’s army.

3. Tosh Village

Tosh’s hidden beauty is located 20 km from Kasol in the beautiful Parvati Valley. The settlement is located near Bharsaini, where Kheerganga Trek begins. Tosh boasts some of the most amazing vistas which will make your trip worthwhile. Enjoy a walk to Tosh’s quiet village!

4. The Chalal Village

The town of Chalal near Kasol is famous for its hiking path. The 2-hour hike will take you to some of the region’s most picturesque vistas. The camping beside the peaceful river you can stay. Weed farming is the inhabitants’ main occupation. Also known for its trippy events, this beautiful village.