After nearly a couple of years of rest, it’s finally time to get the refresh button at the end of the LadakhSpiti cycle in July 2016. Choosing an unconventional location has never been a problem, and I continue to get back on the saddle of my favorite resort, Garhwal Himalaya.

 Republic Day weekend, I was reduced to Kuari Pass hiking, I remember my friend Rana Ji of Joshimath promised that I would join him. In July 2016, the Kyle Ant Path Chronicle Trip bicycle was the entire Ladakh-Spiti circuit. Finally, I clicked the “Update” button. Choosing the wrong destination is never a problem, my favorite trip to the Gawar Himalaya allows me to keep riding. On Republic Day weekend , I shortened the Kuari Pass hiking trail. Joshimato’s friend made a promise to join Ranaji on the walk. This news added some fun to the adventure you were looking for. In the last two days, Joshimato and Koji have snowed heavily. After several rounds of discussions with the tour guide, we embarked on our next itinerary. Ashish:

 Day 1: Go to Joshimath, this is your final destination for the day. Depart Delhi until midnight on the 25th. We will arrive in Haridwar at 5 am.

 Before leaving Delhi or Abbado as planned, I almost knew what was going on. Until now, heavy fog has engulfed the road and 2-meter visibility is a difficult task. My slow speed in Thunderbird is constantly being crushed.

 We discovered a hiking trail from Sir Joshmas, Governor of India to Kuri Pass, and we opened a beautiful trail that we can explore. This trekking mountain is part of the Garhwal Himalaya, which is a beautiful place for beginners to visit. What eyes do you want? Auli is located a few kilometers from the Lord Curzon Trail (also known as the Kuari Pass Trek). The most important feature of this hike is the panoramic horizon and the huge mountains seen from your location. Its highest peak, Kuaritoppu, is 4264 m above the ground. At the top of the mountain, the mountains on all sides are full of excitement and confidence. From the most beautiful mountains on the top of this mountain such as Kametto, Torisuru, Shokuhangba, Nanda Devi, and Nanda Devi East Twin Peaks, Doronagiri, Gunti, Changaban, Hati Gordon Parubato, Mukitto Parubato, Rish Pahado, Mana Neil is not visible.

 I know this is a Nansen slider, but due to the volume of the fog, it looks too stupid. The most daring thing in my life must be to control this mist wholeheartedly. But the challenge is more special. Fortunately, the density at the exit of Meerut Toll dropped slightly. But I took the entire robe, including the helmet, as if I had finished the shower. Haridwar arrived at 6 in the morning. Delayed due to continued heavy fog.

 Day 1

 Through the bubbles of various stations, for a long time in Srinagar, I had a panoramic view of the river outside the evergreen Arak. My Joshimato base station is not too far away and arrived at 6 pm. Ranaji, an always smiling friend, waited and supported her guide Ashish with open arms, but due to the urgent work of Panduk Maelstrom, I reported that she was unable to accompany the tour. . So Ashish and I slept soundly and bought food for the hike.

 Day 2

 8:30 AM Wake up and feel excited for the next hike. Ashish used to say that he added some guided hikers. Hira Your main guide took us to Dhak Town, the base of this trip. The

 feldspar climb starts from Dak, from 10:30 in the morning, to the beautiful bottom of Nanda Devi and Donagiri peaks.

 I am the slowest hiker, I have longer rest periods and I breathe and take pictures frequently. I left the life of the city and the rest of the long journey in my form, but followed the guide Ashish, who believed that his will was stronger than his physical ability.

 On the third day of

 we started walking until 9:30 in the morning. The tour guide told me this was only because he arrived within 3-4 hours during the 6km walk from Galingu to the front line. At 2 noon, it reaches the front line and the sun sets behind the tree line. When the camping season started, it was almost empty. Another group of people from Mumbai had only two camps and returned after trying to cross.

 Girish pointed out to me that we are walking at the top about a kilometer ahead of Jandhedhar. In the background, you can see the top of Pangarchula. Now that I am back at the base, I hope my teammates can reach the top.

 Days 4

 The last day of the hike was very exciting. At 10 o’clock in the morning, I set off from the front line among the glittering snowflakes and golden trees. At 5 am, a colleague began to climb the snow-covered Pangarchulla peak. Another guide, Girish, quickly chose this path. During this hour, we showed an image frame across the Cheat and Chitrakantha ice fields. How about a cedar with clean eyes and an old firm eye deodorant?

 Girish pointed out to me that we will hike to the top of the foreground about 1 km above jhandhedhar. The Pangarchula peak appears in the background. I’m back at the base now, and the railing is separated to the top by the other riders.