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How Many Types of Manicure?

Salon professionals provide a variety of essential services for beauty and personal hygiene care, including specialized options on nail care. Not only is this important for maintaining a healthy condition of the nail, but also to make them look attractive.

All things considered, the best salon experts offer a range of manicure styles and nail care services to pick from. They complete many tasks during this process too, from exfoliation to creating nail art. To choose the best alternative, it is important to have a good idea about the available options first.

The following are some of the common types of manicure people opt for from their salon experts.

  1. French manicure

This technique is one of the most popular options among clients for a simplistic yet elegant look. Here, the professionals clean the nails first and then file and cut them appropriately. Then, they soak the clients’ hands in warm water.

Afterward, the salon experts apply a neutral color on the nail surface and draw a thick white stripe at the tip. Following this, they coat the upper nail portion with a transparent layer. To note, some experts experiment with their color combinations as per client demand.

  1. Russian manicure

In this type of manicure, the expert treats the cuticle first using a lathe. This is a complex step and requires careful attention on the part of the professionals. Typically, in this style of nail care, customers get long squarish-edged nails at the end.

  1. Gel manicure

Here, the process of application and overall nail care follows the regular manicure method. The main exception is the introduction of a gel polish formula. Indeed, the salon professionals add a little portion of the gel on the nail and cure it under the UV lamp twice.

The overall process takes around 45 minutes to complete and lasts for 2-3 weeks.

  1. Reverse French manicure

This method looks like the reverse of the standard French method and notably works best with longer nails. Here, the white stripe usually at the tip of the nail is placed at the bottom instead, touching the edge of the cuticles.

  1. Mirror manicure

In the mirror manicure technique, the initial steps follow the general nail care steps. Then, the salon experts apply black coating thickly onto the nail. Here, clients can choose other darker color choices as well.

After this, the manicure experts add a nail polish gel for additional shine and the mirror effect. The polish dries and then the professionals add the chrome nail polish on top in a very thin layer. Afterward, they cure it under UV rays and the underlying dark base appears prominently in a mirror-like result.

  1. Gradient manicure

Compared to other options, this has an artistic appearance and contains mainly two colors. Here, the professional applies one color and lets it dry. The spot where the second color meets the first vertically or horizontally looks diffused together.

  1. Spa manicure

During this method, the salon specialists provide multiple nail care services altogether. These include options like hand massage, nutrition, exfoliation, hydration, and enamel treatment.

  1. Acrylic nail manicure

Here, the professionals combine acrylic powders and a binding liquid together first. Then, they apply the solution onto the nails and give them a shape. After drying, the nail takes the desired form and hardens; this style is usually employed for creating longer nails.

  1. Paraffin manicure

The paraffin manicure process is useful for treating dry skin; it hydrates the dermis layers in the hand appropriately. Here, the professionals heat a wax-based solution and then dip the hand of the client into the solution. Keep it in for 20-30 minutes.

Later, you can peel off the dried wax and massage your hands with a cream or lotion for moisturization. This usually takes 50 minutes to complete overall and stays on for 1-2 weeks. To note, the wax heat improves blood circulation and opens the skin pores temporarily.

  1. Acrylic overlay manicure

This style of manicure combines powder polymer and liquid monomer solutions and completes within 90 minutes. This follows a similar sequence as the gel manicure procedure. Except that instead of the gel base, the professionals here use the polymer and monomer components. You can also opt for acrylic nail extensions if you want artificial nail enhancements.

This usually stays on for 2-3 weeks. For removal of the acrylic overlay safe, experts suggest soaking the nails with acetone.

Things to do before getting a manicure

There are particular points you should keep in mind and follow religiously before going for your salon appointment. They are mentioned below.

  • Avoid doing anything to your nails beforehand

Before going for your manicure appointment, it is important to not do any nail care-related steps beforehand. The professionals would provide multiple nail treatments and are certified to deal with the different manicure types appropriately.

Therefore, clients should avoid cutting or trimming their nails beforehand. It leaves an uneven surface layer for the manicurists to deal with.

  • Do not cut your cuticles

Cuticles are vital for keeping the nails of a person safe. So, cutting it off leaves the person open to bacterial and fungal infections. The best-trained salon experts know this and refrain from complete cuticle removal.

Instead, they would soak the client’s hands in warm frothy water for 10-15 minutes. Then, they would push the softened cuticles back slowly and remove hanging edges with a cuticle remover.

  • Shaving your legs not necessary

To note, this point mainly applies to a pedicure but it is important to know it. Indeed, shaving off your leg’s hair can leave you open to viral and bacterial infections. This is possible in many ways like skin abrasions or a small cut during shaving on the skin.

  • Carry extra nail kit tools for backup

In the salons, the experts would use the main manicure kit products and tools for their tasks. Yet, it is useful to carry the important nail care items with you at all times.

Some examples here include emery boards, nail nippers, nail brushers, nail buffers, foam toe separators, and pumice stones.

  • Moisturize your hands

Before starting the manicure steps, the salon experts stress the need for hand moisturization. This makes it easier to prep the nails before nail cutting and nail coloring steps.

How to choose the right nail-care professionals?

You can download the Online salon booking app- Zoylee and get in touch with many reliable nail care specialists at reputable salons. The main points you should focus on are as follows.

  • Check the price

You should look at the prices of the services the salons offer, and the variety available equally. Select one that meets your budget.

  • Verify the credentials

Check if the professionals have certified training levels and if the salon has the necessary license to run the establishment.

  • See if the environment is well-ventilated

The different types of manicure-centric products like nail polishes, removers, and nail paint. They have chemical solutions that can leave a potent smell. So, ventilation is important to consider.

  • Types of services they offer

You should consider the list of services they offer, including types of nail treatments and stylized manicure looks.

  • Verify their products/tools

The salon experts should use good-quality and verified branded products and solutions. Also, regularly check the tools to see if it is functional and well-sterilized.

  • Check sanitation of the salon

Good sanitation is important to avoid the risk of infections.


All in all, you can pick among the different manicure styles available, as per your preference and needs. For the best result and overall process, rely on certified professionals only. Research the vendor options well and then make your choice.

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