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Marketing strategies in the Healthcare sector

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Healthcare Web Marketing

The digitization of companies and the widespread diffusion of the internet in everyone’s lives has also led companies apparently furthest away from the digital world to appear on this world. Among these are the companies in the medical sector that have had to evaluate the possibility of investing in digital marketing to promote their business, both locally and nationally.

Healthcare marketing, a very competitive sector

Unlike what you might think, medical companies are experiencing a time of great online competition: in fact, the need to move and expand their sales assets towards online has prompted many of them to create a website and start marketing strategies. ad hoc sanitary.

Healthcare marketing cannot be equated with the online promotion activities of other sectors as it is necessary that the contents comply with some very stringent directives, including:

Prohibition to use misleading advertising, also intended as the publication of information that feeds false, unverifiable, illusory expectations or that may cause unfounded fears and inappropriate behavior;

Information which damages the dignity and decorum of the medical profession or which, in general, is ethically inadequate cannot be disclose;

The publication of health information that disguises news attributable to surreptitious personal advertising is prohibit;

The website is not permitted to host advertising spaces (or links to advertising activities) of pharmaceutical or healthcare technology companies.

In the light of this information, it is essential to conduct an adequate analysis of the context, the needs and the limits within which it is legitimate to move within the healthcare web marketing ..

In particular, thanks to the consultancy approach that distinguishes my business, I thoroughly analyze the needs and expectations of health marketing projects in order to be able to satisfy them without affecting any of the ethical principles mentioned above.

The tools of healthcare web marketing

Given the high level of competition that also characterizes the medical sector, it is essential to be able to rely on professionals who know how to combine the efficiency of their business with attention to detail. In fact, to carry out an SEO Medical project it is necessary to have the skills, knowledge and experience of this market niche which is responsible for disseminating often very delicate topics.

In this regard, it should be emphasize that healthcare marketing should not be understood. Only as the promotion of pharmacies, dental offices, medical offices. And clinics, multi-specialist centers but responds to a specific deontological function: to disseminate medical advances on new prevention techniques. diseases as well as improving the quality of information of numerous users who search the web,

In light of these aspects, it should be remember that all traditional digital marketing tools can be use. As long as they are aware and have adequate sensitivity. SEO and SEM in particular are two precious elements. That allow companies in the medical sector to differentiate themselves from their competitors .

SEO Leader and experience in healthcare marketing

As SEO Leader consultant I had the opportunity to follow numerous projects in the medical field. both in Lombardy. And in other regions that have given great satisfaction. Thanks to the collaboration with the customer. And the careful study and use of digital tools, we have built successful projects with a strong ethical imprint.

For a long time I have witnessed changes in the medical field. And aware of the new needs of those who work in this sector. I have created SEM Hybrid. It is a 4-month visibility package that combines the effectiveness of digital marketing tools. with precision of Google Ads campaigns (formerly Adwords). Taking advantage of the widely tested modus operandi and the knowledge of the Google algorithm, I make a healthcare marketing proposal with immediate results available to healthcare companies: after a first phase of analysis and keyword research, I first dedicate myself to a phase of inbound marketing and finally paid advertisements on the Google display network.

SEM Hybrid can offer good performances already with only € 300 per month. To which customizations can be add as need.

If you are looking for an SEO expert capable of accompanying you in a project. To promote your medical business, do not hesitate to contact me.



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