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Google BERT: what changes of SEO Marketing

Digital marketing , Search Engine Marketing , SEO google bert , Google BERT what changes , Google BERT news , seo positioning , SEO Marketing Google, a giant of the digital age, is the most used search engine in the world and the foundation on which most digital marketing strategies and techniques are based . As you know, Google’s algorithms are changed periodically, but withGoogle BERTthe matter seems to be very different. The US giant in fact declared that this is a decidedly more significant novelty than the previous ones, so much so that it can be considered the most important change in recent decades.

Google BERT is an algorithm introduced with the aim of better understanding the requests written by users in the search engine: it is estimated that this transformation will affect about10% of the results pageswith a series of rather significant changes in relation to the order of results shown.

Google BERT: what it is

On October 25, 2019, Google released BERT, short forBidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers. It is an algorithm related to the NLP (Natural Language Processor) that decides which results to provide following a search.

It is a clear evolution compared to previous one-way techniques: the revolutionary element of BERT is the ability to guarantee a better understanding of natural language thanks to the interpretation of words according to the context.

Leading to the development of computer processes capable of interpreting the words of a sentence, no longer reading them individually, but relating them between of them.

The Google algorithm is therefore asemantic update, developed with a view to guaranteeing an ever deeper understanding of the context and the user’s intention. To date, BERT is only operational in English in the United States, but the goal is to extend the model to many other countries as soon as possible given the possibility of adapting the system also for Google’s voice assistance and for all devices ” intelligent “.

Google BERT: all the news

As stated by Google itself, BERT was create to offer a better serviceto users of the search engine, given the widespread use of entire phrases in the search bar, in order to make the formulation of online requests as natural as possible . But what exactly changes?

The great novelty introduce by Google BERT is the algorithm’s ability to take into consideration the entire context in which a given word is insert, giving as output a response of a much higher level in terms of relevance and precision. Google’s new algorithm is very complex, but it is based onthree major innovations:

Wordanalysistransforms from an analysis of single words to an examination of each word in relation to the others within the whole sentence

The understanding of thenuances of the languagepasses to a medium-high level;

Stopwords (conjunctions, articles, prepositions) are analyze in relation to the complete sentence.

Google BERT, by relating words to each other, is able. For example, to understand the meaning of a preposition within a period. Thus giving a precise interpretation of the request made by the user. An example proposed by Google is the following: “Can you get medicine for someone pharmacy”. The previous algorithm would have shown rather generic results, analyzing individual words. And establishing which were the most relevant, ignoring, for example, the word “someone”. On the other hand, BERT is able to understand the meaning of the term. And its importance in relation to the user’s research (such as withdrawing a medicine on behalf of someone else).

SEO Leader offers all the necessary support to keep up with the news in the digital marketing sector. Supporting customers withconstantly updated digital strategies . In the field of content marketing,Google BERTis the novelty of the moment and, although the algorithm is not yet active in Italy (the forecast is spring 2020), it is necessary to know it better: you must never underestimate the importance of optimizing sites correctly. web in relation to search engine algorithms and related updates.

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