Men can find it difficult to look good in the summer. Winter is much easier with textured layers, smart coats or even the casual full tracksuit for those stay at home days. When it comes to styling men’s clothes, it can be difficult, especially when you just want to feel cool and not stuffy. Not everything has to be on trend with fast fashion, it’s not sustainable and the styles are for hypebeasts and students. If you followed every style, you would look ridiculous and you certainly wouldn’t have your own sense of style.

There are a lot of misconceptions about summer style with men, especially when people have the two combinations in their wardrobe, the shirt and short or the vest and shorts, but there are so many fantastic styles out there. The essential part to having your own style is being able to identify what a fast fashion trend is and what will keep and stay as a timeless piece. In this article, we will go through some fashion styles which will last you more than just one summer looking amazing.

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours are definitely something to be looking out for this summer, yes, it’s a new trend but this is something that is going to stick for more than one season. Pastel was a feature of 2017 but is now coming out of the shadows for 2021. From pastel blue to lilac and green, pastel colours offer a feeling of openness, calm and softness with the likes of Versace and Prada using them in their collection this year. Balance with monotone colours and you will be looking sharp this summer. This is a great colour for a jacket, overshirt or even a pair of shorts.

The Effortless Suit

Suits are always a classic and timeless look with the famous power suit coming to fashion in the winter of 2020. Well, in the summer of 2021, you will be seeing many more people wearing the laid back suit, it requires half the amount of work to look good and it’s also light and casual with its less than tailored fit. Think linen and seasides, that’s the style that will be keeping you cool whilst also looking great. There are many brands out there that have had these out in their lines this year such as Jacquemus and Botter to name a few.


It’s time to say goodbye to the short shorts of 2020 and hello to the longer and wider option of shorts. This may not be to everyone’s taste, but short shorts weren’t either. Obviously, if the weather calls for it, then go ahead, nobody is stopping you. But in general, the essential garment this year to take note of are Bermuda shorts. With the likes of Gucci and Dolce & Gabanna showing their Bermuda short styles on the catwalk this summer. To really get the best look, it is important that you get the length right, aim for a couple of inches above the knee, anything below is in the three quarter shorts region and nobody wants that old dad look.

The Navy Shirt

For some reason, people look to the sea for inspiration in style, the classic yellow raincoat has been popular in recent years as well as the classic peacoat. Well, now it is more the likes of nautical themed navy striped tops and boat shoes. With the lies of Burberry and Comme De Garcon utilising the navy theme in their summer lookbook, it is no wonder more brands are starting to follow these trends. The trick is not to go all out there, but a simple striped top goes a long way, pair it with some chino shorts and loafers and you’ll be on your way.


The ’70s brought a lot of different styles in its years, many that will never be seen again but some styles have kept and there is no sign of the floral pattern disappearing anytime soon. Florals will make an appearance every couple of years just to show their face so this is a great idea to pick up a few pieces as they will still look good the next time they come into fashion again. The trick is to not overdo it, only opt for one piece of floral at a time otherwise you will look like a walking flower.


Remember when your mum used to tell you to tuck your shirt in? Well, this is actually coming into popular opinion this summer. There are so many looks now where the tops are tucked into your bottoms. It’s a great look if you do it properly. Don’t tuck your Tee too deep so that it looks tight, have it tucked in at the end of your top and keep it slightly baggy so that you can still be aired out throughout the day. This is a great look with both shorts and trousers so give them both a try and see how you get on, remember not to have your pants above your belly button as this will look odd. We are aiming for a happy medium where the top and bottoms are at the right length.