Excess of everything is bad, and workout is no exception to this!

Physical fitness is one of the crucial aspects of our health. In case someone is suffering from a chronic disease, adding low to moderate intensity workout is probably the most suggested lifestyle change by the health experts.

Effects of Physical Activity on Health

Physical activity is not a forceful medical instruction for everyone, many people are fitness enthusiasts and they love to work out. No matter the weather or time of the year, you will find them in gyms or fitness studios. Overdoing workout is not very unexpected in their case.

Though there are countless benefits of physical activity for mental and physical health, overdoing it can be harmful too. From affecting your stamina to your sex drive said sexologists, too much exercise is bad for you.

Signs you are working out too much

If you are a gym addict, you are less likely to know that you are overdoing the workout. Here are the signs and symptoms that can tell you that you are exercising too extra, including;

Inability to workout at the same level of stamina changes

  • Feeling exhausted
  • Problem with sleeping
  • Requiring longer resting periods
  • Sore muscles for the prolonged-time period
  • Mood swings and constant irritability
  • Anxiety
  • Getting colds more often
  • Lack of motivation
  • Unintended weight loss

How overdoing exercise can be detrimental for you?

Here are some common side effects of overdoing a workout.

1- Physical burnout

Burnout is the state of exhaustion that your body goes through after you overdo things. Burnout can be physical, mental and emotional. Physical exercise often starts as the dose-response relationship where more exercise offers more health benefits. However, there comes a point where the benefits of a workout are no longer workable.

This point is known as OTS that leads to a decreased fitness level as a result of overdoing the workout. This represents the imbalance between the workout and the recovery period. Too much exercise can lead to physical burnout ceasing your workout progress.

2- Hormonal imbalance

Hormones are the chemicals present in our body that are responsible for many important body functions. The regulated levels of these hormones tend to assure the proper body functions. Too much physical activity can disturb this hormonal balance leading to disrupted body functions changing the stress hormones level. This change in hormonal levels can lead to emotional instability, lack of focus, irritability and trouble sleeping.

3- Anorexia

Another way too much exercise can affect your body is through anorexia. Anorexia is an eating disorder due to the false perception of weight associated with fear of gaining weight. Though under normal circumstances, physical activity can boost the hunger levels in the body, too much physical activity can reverse this effect. Anorexia causes unintended weight loss that can affect the body stamina and other normal body processes.

4- Poor metabolism

Metabolism is our body’s key function and determines the overall performance of our body. Physical activity is known to boost metabolism leading to better body performance. Excessive exercise can negatively affect our body metabolism and this impaired metabolism can be very problematic. Impaired metabolism can be a cause for blood deficiency in the body along with the reduced level of male sex hormone and poor bone density.

5- Poor immunity

Our immune system is crucial for our overall health and determines the ability of our body to fight infections. An efficient immune system keeps the health problems at bay and keeps us working well. Too much physical activity can result in poor functioning of the immune system that makes us more susceptible to infections and we fall prey to the cold more often.

6- Cardiac stress

Cardiac health is directly connected with the rate of physical activity we perform. Normally physical activity is known to improve our cardiac health however, too much of it can be quite harmful to our body. Overdoing workout can increase cardiac stress, consequently, our body puts more effort requiring longer periods of rest.

Bottom Line!

Undoubtedly physical activity is good for our health offering several physical and mental health benefits. However, these effects of physical activity are limited to a certain extent and after reaching that point, working out can have a detrimental effect on our health. Thus, it is important to consult a fitness trainer to determine how much physical activity you need.