Since time immemorial we have relied on doctors to cure us of ailments and protect help us live a healthy life. The progresses in medical sciences have prolonged human life and found cure to many ailments that previously left people helplessly watch their loved ones suffer and die. Not all doctors come from affluent families, in fact many have made it to the zenith of their profession by sheer grit and hard work. Nobody knows but the doctor who finds the cure to cancer may be the daughter of a poor marginal farmer in a remote village of India. Or the doctor who will save the lives of many children as a celebrated paediatrician and sets up a community hospital is working at a construction site by day and studying hard at night. 

Such students are deserving candidates for the medical profession as they are working with concentrated effort towards their goal despite whatever condition they may be. Donate for poor medical students because the world needs good doctors. If a poor student has made it to so far as to get admissions into a good medical school, then there is a high chance that they will persevere and complete their medical education. Not only that, going forth they will become formidable pillars of the medical community. 

While doating to the COVID-19 support Fund, you may have observed its allocation and how many of these funds have gone to medical camps that are being run by professional doctors’ communities in the remotest parts of the country and the world. Many of these doctors probably came from these remote villages and this is their way of paying back. Doctors are agents of God, come down to earth only to provide the kind of care that will ensure a healthy life for the masses. 

You can donate for poor medical students online through standard donation sites to ensure that the funds are used to pay for tuition fees, books or even to cover living expenses of the student through the course duration. The five years of MBBS is a rigorous exercise that leaves no time or scope for students to work part-time to support themselves. Students coming from poor families have mostly graduated from vernacular medium schools and must work harder to not only learn English, but also the difficult Latin terminologies. They will not have the luxury to have their focus diverted from their studies to earn and support themselves. 

Often this is a major hindrance that discourages many poor and deserving students from pursuing their ambition to become doctors. It is our moral responsibility to donate for poor medical students and give them the chance they rightly deserve. Many of these students are driven by their personal experience of loss of a loved one to a life-threatening disease. They are seeking to make amends by helping others in their situation. There are many cases of doctors who went on to set up hospitals in their villages or bringing aid to the poor in memory of all the struggle they went through in their youth to achieve the kind of success they did in their lifetime. 

If you support the medical profession, by way of donating for poor medical students or for the COVID-19 support Fund, you will be funding a cause that will positively affect the entire world. One doctor goes on to cure countless patients and saving many lives in the course of his/her professional career. The COVID-19 support Fund contributions that come in the form of US dollars pays for numerous patients’ treatment as Dollars have a higher value. It can not only pay for life saving drugs and hospital fees, but also ensure that the COVID-19 patient gets nutritious meals and essential care. Once the patient is cured, they can go back to their families, and one not only does service to an individual, but an entire family that relies on the afflicted patient as caregivers, parents, or sole earning member of the family. 

Those of us who can afford it can make a big difference and have a great impact on the lives of many with our small act of kindness and we must never hesitate to do it.