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Road Safety Rules Teachable to Students.

Parents teach their children a lot of good things, they have a single aim in their life, to take care of their children’s future. Parents never leave teaching their children good manners and etiquettes in order to make them good human beings as well as good citizens and the same thing is expected from tutors too that they should teach some good lessons to the children. This should include the lessons from the books of the curriculum and also those important lessons which are necessary for students in their academic and personal life. Educational institutions also help in this cause with the help of institute ERP and school management software. Institute ERP and school management software are designed to regulate the usual educational system along with such particular and different but necessary education for example, road safety rules. Road safety rules should be taught to the kids on a necessary basis. It is so because they will walk on the road or ride their bicycles carefully and parents will be relaxing because of their kid’s. knowledge about road safety rules. Usually, kids can be found running and jumping like squirrels but not very careful like them and this carelessness leads them towards injuries and harm. That’s why along with the lessons in the curriculum kids should be taught important lessons of life like road safety rules. So, let’s discuss some important road safety rules which should be taught to the kids on necessary basis:

  • The very first lesson which should be taught to the students is to make them aware of traffic signals, because this knowledge is nothing to be understood itself, instead, this should be taught to the kids. Parents and teachers should never forget to teach their kids basic signals of traffic like if the traffic signal is red then vehicles should stop in that direction and if it is green then vehicles move forward and pedestrians and other vehicles should stop at side signals. If the signal is yellow then it is saying that vehicles and pedestrians should slow because soon the signal will become red. Necessarily teachers should teach their students about the traffic signs shown by traffic constable in absence of traffic lights.
  • Students who go to the schools by walking, by their bicycles or by bus which they board on at a bus point, all of them need to learn the rules of road and crossing it also. When going to schools or returning from schools’ students should take a look on both sides of the road and if any vehicle is coming from any of the sides of road, then wait for it to pass. Parents and teachers should teach the students to never cross the road by running during traffic. They should turn their bicycles slowly at turns and blind turns especially.
  • As mentioned in the above statement, kids should be taught that they should never run-on a busy road. It is so because no vehicle coming on full speed can be stopped suddenly and this situation can cause an accident which can cause injuries to both persons- the person in the vehicle and the kid crossing the road. Also, sometimes kids leave their parent’s hands and run on the road so parents need to hold their kid’s hand tight and should make them understand not to do so at all.
  • Parents and teachers should make their children and students understand on a necessary basis that they should walk on sidewalks and never on busy roads. This is so because side walks are constructed for pedestrians to make their walking easy and safe from speedy vehicles as only pedestrians can walk there and vehicles can’t. Also, parents and tutors should talk to their kids about their experience about what they see and watch on the road.
  • Sometimes it is common that kids play with their peer group late at night so it is important for them to ensure their safety. while returning from their peer’s home. They should watch the road carefully because sometimes on a dark road people who come from the other side wear dark clothes and have dark colour vehicle without front light and this situation may cause an accident so kids should walk or ride cycle side way and walk or ride cycle slowly to avoid bumping into any other vehicle or human being.
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