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Safety Tips: How to Stay Out of the Blind Spots of a Truck

Trucks have broader blind spots than other vehicles, contrary to the common opinion, which holds that truck drivers have a better vision of the road since they are higher off the ground and have broader windows. Being in a truck’s blind zone puts you and your vehicle at greater risk of injury or death because the driver won’t be able to see you.

This post will provide tips to keep you and other drivers in your blind zone safe on the road.

Given that a truck’s berth is broader than other vehicles, it’s essential to understand where its blind spots are. It is much more dangerous for other automobiles to pass on either side of the truck, especially on the right side, where the truck driver cannot see them in the particular lane.

If you must pass a truck through one of these locations, proceed carefully and as quickly as possible. Before passing, use a signal to let the motorist know you are coming.

  • Make Sure The Truck’s Side Mirrors are Visible

Likely, a motorist can’t see you if you can’t see them in their side mirror. You’re in the blind spot if you can’t see the side mirrors, so get out of that position as soon as it’s safe to move.

  • Monitor Signals

When you’re chasing a truck, you can’t see what’s happening in front of you, and you must rely on the truck driver’s cues. So keep your eyes open and pay special attention to the truck’s turn signals and brake lights to predict when they will stop or turn.

  • Drive Slowly Around The Trucks and be Patient

Being patient can be just as important as being aware of your blind spots. It’s crucial to understand that trucks may not maneuver as smoothly as smaller vehicles, which is critical in emergencies. Approach trucks with caution and courtesy to protect yourself and those around you.

Avoid aggressive driving; avoid honking unless it’s an emergency; avoid passing traffic because these actions create distractions and can lead to accidents.

  • Give Plenty of Room While Approaching a Truck

Giving a truck driver plenty of room when driving in front of a truck is especially important because trucks cannot stop as quickly as cars or motorcycles. If you can see the vehicle’s headlights in your rearview mirror, you are outside the front blind spot and a safe distance in front of the truck.

  • Use Extreme Caution When Turning

Be careful if you are in front of or behind a turning vehicle, as sometimes they have to swing wide to make the turn, taking up more lanes.

  1. Leave enough space for the vehicle.
  2. Avoid cutting in front of the truck because trucks cannot stop as fast as small cars.


Larger vehicles often suffer more severe accidents. For example, large trucks can be destructive due to their size and weight. If you get injured due to a truck accident, call the police immediately. Furthermore, get help from an expert truck accident lawyer who understands these issues and how to protect your legal rights.

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