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Scholarships Opportunities for Students studying in the UK

Scholarships programs for Study in UK

Ontario trillium scholarships for the PhD program and you will have to provide an English proficiency letter for this scholarship program. Donald. A wehrung scholarship for students should have a good percentage in their studies to apply to this scholarship program.

Moreover, the scholarship program in Toronto is for students, and you should have no study gap if you want to apply for this scholarship program. York University also offers scholarships for students, and you can apply for this scholarship after your fall semester begins.

Price of study in UK for Pakistani students

Pakistani students’ tuition fee is C$12000 to C$40,000 every year. Still, it is a rough estimate to vary according to your courses in every university.

The other expenses are C$100 in admission fees, student services fees are C$500-1000, and application fees are C$250. The one-year cost is $10,000 to 12,000, varying if you choose master-level programs.

If Pakistani students want to rent a room, they have to pay $700 a month, and for an apartment, you have to pay $2000 a month. Other expenses include food and other activities; you need $4000 to $5000 per year. For an undergraduate program, a student will have to spend at least $20,000 every year for a degree.

Working in UK while studying

UK universities allow international students to work in the UK during their study program. You can work in the UK after completing six months of your studies. They let you do work while studying in the UK to quickly meet the daily expenses of your life.

First of all, select which university is best for you according to your field and interest. Even find that this university provides scholarships related to your area of interest and then select the university according to your interest.

After choosing the university and field of interest, confirm whether the Government recognizes this university or not with the help of DLI (Designated Learning Institution.

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