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SEO Specialist: what he does and what skills he should have

  • 12 October 2021
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We often talk about SEO, but it is not always clear who should take care of this activity, which is essential to give the right visibility to a website, and how. The key figure of this process is theSEO Specialist , a professional who embodies the ability to interpret search engines in his background of knowledge and skills , but who is also able to implement targeted actions to bring a website to the top. Google locations.
Today we will see better together what an SEO Specialist does and what are the skills he should have.

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  1. SEO Specialist: who is it?
  2. SEO Specialist: what it does
  3. What skills should an SEO Specialist have
  4. Step by step SEO strategy
  5. The benefits of having an SEO strategy
  6. The tools of the SEO Specialist
  7. Conclusions

SEO Specialist: who he is

The SEO Specialist deals with the organic positioning of a website on search engines, guiding the various professional figures and having an overview of the various actions to be performed. His is the key figure for the success of a web project. Its goal is in fact to position your content as high as possible on search engines. In fact, it is thanks to him and to the actions he carries out that, every time a search is carried out, certain results are found rather than others.

The SEO Specialist is a professional who, by studying search engines, identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a given web project, in order to be able to carry out certain activities, on site and off site, that can improve the visibility of a site. . In fact, it is he who deals with the optimization of the structure of a web page and digital content.

The SEO Specialist can work within an SEO Agency or a Web Marketing agency, or he can be hired directly by a company, which decides to make a major investment in positioning. Or again, he can work as a freelance, and be easily found on Google, simply by typing ” SEO Specialist Rome ” or ” SEO Specialist Milan ” and then make use, for his projects, of various collaborations and professionalism, such as web designer, SEO copywriter or web master.

SEO Specialist: what it does

SEO today is a discipline that involves different skills, for this same reason an SEO Specialist must know how to move on multiple levels within the web. Her job is to make a website authoritative in the eyes of search engines, but also attractive to the public. An SEO specialist must take care of the structure of the site and web pages, from a graphic, structural and content point of view. In short, you will have to deal with the three major aspects of SEO: on page SEO, off page SEO and Technical SEO, also called Technical SEO. Let’s see together what it is.

SEO on page

On page SEO, like off page SEO, is part of an optimization strategy. One is complementary to the other, and both play an important role in search engine rankings.

In fact, on-page SEO includes all the actions that are performed within a website, from the search for keywords to the design and creation of content, whether they are website texts, product sheets or articles from the company blog. The on-page SEO therefore includes the optimization of texts, titles, images, the meta description, the URL structure or internal links. The goal of on page SEO is to offer the best possible site, the most complete and easiest to navigate, to users. Google will therefore positively rate these sites by improving their query rankings.

SEO off page

Off page SEO, on the other hand, concerns all the actions that are performed outside the site itself, such as link building , for example, or Digital PR. Thanks to off page SEO actions, a website is given greater credibility and value in the eyes of both users and search engines. It will improve the brand awareness and popularity of a site by obtaining quality links and mentions on other sites with a relevant topic.

Technical SEO

The SEO Specialist must also be able to implement the technical aspects of the website. When we talk about Technical SEO , or Technical SEO, we refer to all those technical interventions that can improve the user’s browsing experience within a website. Thanks to the actions implemented, it will be possible, for example, to facilitate the crawling of search engines and speed up the loading of pages. In fact, Google considers this aspect to be very important, always in relation to the possibility of offering the best possible experience to users. The faster a site loads, the better its position on search engines will be. A slow site or with unreachable content is in fact considered by Google to be of little relevance or of poor quality.

But it’s not just a question of loading speed. In fact, an SEO Specialist will also take care of making your website secure with HTTPS, making sure it is crawlable and indexable, creating an XML sitemap and removing duplicate content. Or, to insert the right elements in the rich snippet.

What skills should an SEO Specialist have

As you may have guessed from what we have said so far, an SEO Specialist must move between various digital and marketing fields, so the skills to have are many.
In fact, it will be he who will optimize the contents of an online project, with the ultimate goal of positioning a website in the top positions of search engines, intercepting the most suitable audience. He can do it personally or guide a professional, such as a copywriter or web designer, in doing it. Therefore, in addition to having consolidated technical skills, as we have just seen, he must also be gift with curiosity and intuition, to understand what are the most right actions for a given project. Obviously he must also be continuously update on the news propose by Google. In fact, it is important that those involved in SEO know the dynamics of search engines and the rules of optimization.
Therefore, in addition to having a good predisposition to apply strategies, he must be able to interpret the Google algorithm and the SERPs, or the pages of search engine results. This means that a good SEO Specialist must have a good dose of resourcefulness, because Google does not provide any type of manual or instruction booklet. Creativity, which certainly cannot be learn in any course, is also a fundamental element in the work of the SEO Specialist. In fact, there is never a rule, in giving visibility to a web project, but it is necessary to strive and put into practice everything you know, always in a different way.
If it seems like a lot of skills are needed, know that they are not the only ones. In fact, an SEO Specialist must be able to take care of all the technical aspects of a website, with knowledge of HTML, web design and copywriting. Not necessarily, as we said earlier, you must know how to do all this perfectly, but you must have a good basic knowledge. He must have what is called “universal vision”, and then guide the various professionals in concert, to achieve the desired result.
As we saw earlier, an SEO Specialist will work both on the site, carrying out SEO On Site actions, and externally, with SEO Off Site.

After studying the main search engines, first of all Google, he will try to interpret the Search Intent that hides behind the keywords useful for any online activity. It is his job to understand which keywords to rank with, and he will always be the one to carry out the keyword research. Furthermore, he will periodically carry out an SEO Audit, to check the health of a website, its performance and the results obtained. It will be he who will analyze the site in all its aspects, from architecture to sitemap, through desktop and mobile positioning strategies, internal and external linking. The SEO Specialist will always set the appropriate KPIs to keep the site under control and monitor it.
A smattering of programming and development can be invaluable. In fact, an SEO Specialist must be able to read and insert the attributes of the metatags, such as title, description and H1, H2…, or links. But also understand how a search engine manages the crawl budget, and then optimize everything.

He will take care that important information is easy to reach and that the pages of the website load quickly. Furthermore, it will study the competitors and put into practice a strategy so that the results of your site are better than theirs.
For all these reasons, if you want to get results, it is good not to improvise but to rely on a professional.

Step by step SEO strategy

A good SEO strategy starts from planning a business objective and continues with the analysis of the reference market, of the critical issues that may be face, to the public and to competitors. This phase is also call SEO Audit. Once this information is available, you can proceed with the Keyword Research . The keyword research will have to take into consideration both the data that has been collect on its audience and on the market slice to which it refers, and on the work done by the competitors. What words are they positioning themselves on? Your goal, and that of your SEO Specialist, will be to rank higher than them, climbing the SERP.

The next step is planning the actual SEO strategy. An SEO Specialist will decide what are the actions to be implement to increase traffic to the website, both on page and off page. Then she will take care of and follow a Content Strategy, so that the website to be position is consider increasingly authoritative by Google and reliable by users.

Positioning analyzes will be carrie out periodically, with relative reports. By reading the data of Google Analytics then it will be possible to optimize the strategy more and more.

The benefits of having an SEO strategy

The advantages of having an SEO strategy or enlisting the help of an SEO Specialist are many. First of all, it will be possible to obtain greater online visibility for your website or web page. Greater visibility translates into an increase in traffic to the site and, consequently, also with an increase in conversions. All this organically, without making large investments in advertising. Furthermore, thanks to the data obtained through the site, you will have more information on your target audience.

As you will have understood, online it is not enough to be present, but it is also necessary to be clearly visible – and therefore well positioned – on search engines if you want to achieve your business goal.

The tools of the SEO Specialist

Since an SEO Specialist will also have to take care of the creation of the editorial plan and the contents, as well as the analysis of the site and monitoring of the positioning, as well as the reporting of the results, it will be better to make use of some useful tools.

There are some tools made available by Google, such as:Google Trend,GoogleSearch ConsoleandGoogle Analytics.

Google Trend is use to better understand user behavior and what are the main trends on a given topic. Instead, Google Search Console is useful for improving the performance and traffic of a site within Google searches. Finally, Google Analytics allows you to understand even better the data at your disposal and go deeper into the analyzes.

Then there are other tools, external to Google, useful for monitoring, keyword research and positioning analysis. Here are the best ones.


Surely one of the best tools available for keyword research. But not only. In fact, Semrush is the most effective and complete tool for tracking search rankings, analyzing backlinks and, more generally, checking the SEO of your website.

Screaming Frog

Useful to understand what are the technical problems of a website, including the loading speed. This is a great tool for technical SEO audits.


Like Semrush, but made in Italy, it is a tool that allows you to analyze traffic volumes and keyword trends in a very short time. In addition, it will allow you to study the competition.


It can help you in keyword research, compared to SEMrush and SEOzoom it is a free tool. So, as such, it doesn’t allow you to go very deep into your searches. However, it can be used in conjunction with one of the other two.

Answer The Public

This SEO tool allows you to know all the various and related questions of the keywords under consideration. The results are shown through practical and intuitive circular graphs.


There are specific online courses to become SEO, but if you are thinking of managing by yourself, independently. As you will have understood from what has been said so far. The job of the SEO Specialist brings together many different skills. Improvising is not the solution. Just as it is not enough to read a manual on SEO or take an online course, no matter how bad it may be, to be able to manage everything in the best possible way.

The solution is not even limit to looking for “SEO Specialist Milan” or “SEO Specialist Rome”. And choose the first professional that happens. My advice is to deepen, with a chat and an analysis of your website, if you want to get real and lasting results from your web project. Much better to rely on a professional SEO Specialist, with proven experience in the field. If you need concrete help to give your website more visibility, contact SEO Leader. Contact me to tell me about your web project and for advice.

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