Sikkim State, located in northeastern India, is not entirely within the attention of tourists. But it should be. The state offers many things for tourists. You will not be able to describe its natural beauty in words. Cities such as Gangtok and Pelling have beautiful hotels and attractions to ensure you have an unforgettable holiday.

However, the lack of infrastructure, especially in areas like North Sikkim, made the journey challenging. If this worries you, skip North Sikkim and only visit Gangtok and Palin on your trip to Sikkim tour packages, or choose to go to Ladakh, India (similar picture, better infrastructure). However, if you are an inner adventurer, then our itinerary covers most of Sikkim: 4,444 Sikkim travel budget 4,444 10-day travel expenses for couples (true October 2017) – 90,000 Indian rupees (1,000 pounds). Of course, this amount depends on where you are flying from or the type of hotel you choose. The breakdown is as follows: Flight

(New Delhi, Bagdogra) 12,000 INR per person

· North Sikkim tour (2 days / 3 days) including transfer, hotel and permit 25,000 INR

· Bagdogra Gangtok airport private transfer 3,500 rupees Indies

· Gangtok rental 1 day sightseeing INR 2500

· Gangtok Pelling private transfer INR 4000

· Pelling 1 day tourist taxi INR INR

· Terrible) 4000 Indian rupees

Gangtok and Perling hotels: it depends on your preference, but we recommend booking at least 4,000 Indian rupees to stay in a comfortable hotel 4,444 Miscellaneous meals, entrance fees, etc. 6000 Indian rupees

Traffic in Sikkim: Taxis and highway 444 are available in Sikkim. Driving is not an option as there is no car rental service available. You can drive your own car from a neighboring state, but you need multiple permits to visit various attractions. Due to the existence of multiple taxi unions and permit requirements, we recommend that you book transportation with a local travel agency, who will take care of the taxi and the

permit. Whether you choose the company we recommend or your family / friend, make sure you are sure (We cannot overstate this point) You have confirmed in writing the type of pickup you choose (private / shared), the type of car (4 × 4, 2 wheel drive, etc.) that will be provided to you and the list of inclusions (such as license fees, day trips, etc.) to avoid paying more in the future.

After reading several positive reviews on Tripadvisor, we booked all transfers and trips to North Sikkim through Galaxy Tours (contact Tenzing). They communicated on the internet in a timely manner, which gave us peace of mind. We have always opted for private transfers and 2N / 3D trips to North Sikkim. We had some minor service issues after we got there, but in general, we would definitely recommend them.

Trip to Gangtok and flight to Bagdogra airport

You arrive at the airport of Bagdogra on that day.. When you retrieve your luggage and leave the airport, expect a lot of chaotic taxi drivers, tourists and travel agencies. You can choose a taxi on the spot, but we recommend that you book it in advance:

You know that you have a reliable person, and someone can take care of it when something goes wrong.

You don’t have to waste time looking for a taxi and negotiating on the spot.

Whether you book a taxi on site or in advance, the private transfer to Gangtok will cost between 3,000 and 3500 Indian rupees. If you choose to share the transmission, this cost will be significantly reduced. The road from Bagdogra Airport to Gangtok is one of the few decent roads in Sikkim, so expect a comfortable ride with some potholes along the way.

Accommodation in Gangtok

There is no shortage of accommodation in Gangtok of all budgets. We chose to stay in a luxury boutique hotel with a unique history. Elgin Nor Khill was once the royal hotel of the King of Sikkim. It has now been refurbished into a hotel, but its grandeur is still intact. The lobby is decorated with cultural relics and artworks that reflect the rich culture of Sikkim. You can choose a room in an older, more traditionally furnished wing or a modern wing with clean cuts and modern furnishings. We were greeted by cherry liqueurs and bright smiles upon check-in, and have been so during our stay-the staff at Elgin Nor Khill are really outstanding. We really enjoyed our stay here!

Please note: The hotel is next to the iconic Paljor football stadium. If you like sports, this is the perfect choice, but if you don’t like it, it’s a bit annoying because the sound of the game and the sound of practice float in from the windows.

Explore Gangtok and its surroundings

Gangtok is the largest city in Sikkim and an ideal place to explore the sights and sounds of East Sikkim. The bustling city also has some amazing restaurants. Spend a great day in Gangtok, sample the local delicacies, sip a cup of local black tea, watch the life of the locals, and visit the stunning views of the area.