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The Best 5 Browsing History Tracker for Everyone

Browser history tells a lot of stories. You can even see someone’s personality and personal views by looking at their history. Business owners usually check this information to track their employees’ performance. Parents may use it to protect their kids from age-restricted content spread across the internet. But don’t worry, because you can always depend on the browsing history tracker.

Why Tracking Website History

There are a number of reasons why people check someone’s browser history, and it’s different for each person:

  • bosses who run their corporations may use this information to check their employees’ performance;
  • parents can check their kid’s browser history to ensure that they won’t visit or check any content beyond their age;
  • Using a web history tracker is also helpful for couples to see their loved one’s activity loyalty by checking whether they’ve accessed various dating websites or not.

Although it may seem complicated to do this, tracking anyone’s browser history is quite easy. All you need is to install some apps to check any possible information you could gain from the browser history.

Spy Apps to Track Web Browsing History

Now you can do website history tracking by using the spy apps installed on the phone. By having them installed on the phone you want to access, you may open and see various helpful information in someone’s browser history. But be advised that most apps always come with a price.

1. mSpy 

Keeping children safe is especially important for the parents. The first internet history tracking app you can get is mSpy. This app can give you an opportunity to see snapchat conversation history without them knowing, monitor messengers and other more. It gives you a lot of opportunities to obtain important information from someone’s phone by using the available features:

  • They could track their kid’s browsing history along with the bookmarks;
  • mSpy also allows parents to give certain access to particular websites they consider potentially harmful.

The app is considered to be one of the best options for spying on the market.

2. eyeZy 

The next option on the list is eyeZy, the quality app that you may use to see someone’s browser history. The app itself is easy to use, and it’s filled with a lot of valuable features.

Besides the browser history checking, you can also use eyeZy to forbid certain words in chats, web searches, or elsewhere. Many claims what’s great with eyeZy is setting forbidden zones that will give you notifications when your kid’s leaving the area.

3. Highster Mobile

The next phone history tracker you may use is Highster Mobile. It’s a spy app that includes many advanced features to help you detect someone’s phone. There are features to track SMS, GPS location, and even social media. Highster Mobile also has Stealth Camera, a unique feature that isn’t present in many spy apps.

While the company claims 100% discrepancy, several users reported the contrary. The app can be seen visible on the target phone, making the user easily know about its existence.

4. Hoverwatch

Hoverwatch is an app that may provide you with essential information about the web search history that a user has visited. It mainly works for Android but is also available on Mac and Windows.

The app itself is significant enough to be used for spying on social media, calls, SMS, and location. Sadly, it doesn’t have the geofencing feature that may be useful for most parents.

5. Spyic

The last web browsing history tracker we want to introduce to you is Spyic. It’s a spy app that runs discreetly without anyone knowing, and it works invisibly in the background and flawlessly for both iOS and Androids.

The app may provide you with basic spying features such as detecting social media and even includes a geofence alert. However, the price is problematic for Spyic: it’s higher than the rest of its competitors.


And that’s the list of the best browser history tracker apps you may try. Detecting the kid’s online activity is essential and even more essential during these modern times. So, make sure to have the best method to see your kid’s browser history.

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