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The Best Furniture for Small Spaces

If you’re living in a cramped apartment, or just don’t have as much space in your home as you’d like, it doesn’t always have to mean you compromise when it comes to your interior design.

A small space can be transformed into a chic and stylish retreat that you enjoy spending your time in – all you need is a few key furniture pieces.

Keep reading to find out our recommendations for the best furniture for small spaces.

Mirror with Shelf

Adding a mirror to a room can instantly give the feeling of more space as it brings a light and airy vibe to your room.

However, if you want to maximise your storage space you can also choose to place a mirror with a shelf into your room. This helps you to bring in light while also creating a space where you can store books, trinkets, or other items that have no other place to stay.

Extendable Dining Table

If you’re decorating a dining room that is running low on space, an extendable table is ideal.

You can keep the table as it is for cosy meals in by yourself, but if you’re entertaining guests you can extend it out for more table space.

It means that you don’t have to give up too much of your space, but can still have the functionality of a large dining table whenever you need it.


When it comes to decorating a small space, it all comes down to storage. Having lots of spaces where you can keep items out of sight will stop the room from feeling crowded and cluttered.

A good chest of drawers is a good place to start as it can hold a variety of items without looking too big and bulky.

Mid-century furniture is always a good idea for drawers as they often feature a functional designs and stylish wooden materials that can match any existing furniture you have.

Night Stand

A good night stand is the perfect way to add some additional style to your bedroom, while making the most of added storage.

You can choose night stands that have built-in drawers where you can place the items you want easy access to, and you can accessorise by putting books, picture frames, plants etc. on top of the stand.

Room Divider

If you’re working with one room, a good way to give the illusion of additional space is through using room dividers.

By sectioning of your room you can be more creative when it comes to interior design as you can create two very different vibes in the same physical space.

For example, by sectioning off your kitchen and dining area you can give the feel of there being a separate dining room without even needing the additional room.

Table with Drawers

Whether you’re looking for a coffee table to take centre stage in your living room, or a table for entertaining guests in the dining room, you should never miss the opportunity to add in some extra storage.

If you get a table that has built in drawers you can easily use this to hide away cables, additional cutlery, or other personal belongings that you don’t want out in the open at all times.

These furniture pieces are perfect for people who want to achieve a more minimal and clean feel in their home but don’t want to have to get rid of any of their belongings.

Convertible Chair

Similar to a sofa bed, a convertible chair is one that can be somewhere to sit during the day and then convert into a single bed when you have guests visiting.

These take up much less space than a normal sofa but can be just as functional. You can easily place these in the corner of a room to make the most out of your space without filling it with one large piece of furniture.

Sofa Bed

If you frequently have guests coming round to stay but don’t want to turn your spare room into a bedroom, why not try using a sofa bed?

During the day you can keep the room as a chill-out space with a sofa that you can sit back and relax on, then in the evenings you can quickly turn it into a bed.

This is also a great tip for people who live in studio apartments and don’t have the space for both a sofa and a bed.

Coffee Table with Drawers

Our final furniture recommendation is a coffee table with drawers. These are great for small spaces as they can be easily tucked away in any spare room you have, but can add a significant amount of storage.

Place it to the side of your sofa, in hallways, or by the side of your desk and you’ll be able to neatly organise all your belongings extremely easily.

It’s Time to Start Decorating!

Now that we’ve taken you through some of the best furniture for small spaces, it’s time for you to start decorating!

Let us know what tips you’ve followed and how your small space has been transformed into a chic and stylish room.

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