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The Damages You Can Recover in a Dog Bite Claim Case

Over 4.5 million Americans sustaindog bite injuriesevery year. Out of those attacked, almost 20% need to obtain medical care for injuries inflicted by a canine. The statistics are terrifying, but what’s more concerning is that more than 50% of individuals getting injured in dog attacks are children, and they can experience serious physical and mental consequences.

While dogs make loyal companions and are an integral part of most American families, sometimes they can threaten the safety of those around them. It’s, therefore, best to understand the risks of connecting with canines and know that you can be entitled to receive damages if you are a dog attack victim.

Dog bites are a common occurrence in Green Bay. However, law enforcement authorities are quite active in cooperating with the victims and providing them with adequate medical assistance and other forms of support. If you’ve suffered a canine attack and have been injured,Green Bay dog bite lawyers can helpyou file a claim to recover various damages. The legal system entitles you to claim various economic and non-economic damages you have sustained.

Let’s look at some damages you can recover in a dog attack lawsuit.

Compensation in a Dog Bite Claim Case

Dog attacks can inflict a lot of damage on injured individuals and their families. While the attack can result in physical injuries, which may range from minor to more severe, it often leads to serious emotional trauma, especially for ardent pet lovers.

Below are a few examples of damages that a survivor may recover.

Economic Damages

Economic damages refer to the monetary compensation the victim may receive for all the current and potential future costs.

Economic damages include

Medical Expenses

The accident survivor is entitled to receive the cost of medical care, including treatment, transportation to and from the medical facility, and prescription medications.

Medical expenses will also cover all the future medical costs that the survivor may incur due to the injuries inflicted during the attack.

Costs of Ongoing Medical Care

Some dog bite attack injuries are quite serious, and the survivor may need certain assistance in terms of rehabilitation and special equipment to maintain mobility. The compensation for all of these costs of ongoing medical care can be claimed legally by the injured individual.

Lost Income or Potential for Future Earning

Individuals who have been attacked by a dog and have experienced injuries, as a result, are likely to miss work days, which can contribute to lost income. A victim is entitled to compensation for this loss.

Non-Economic Damages

Not all damages resulting from a dog attack have a monetary value. Certain implications of the attack can affect the injured person’s quality of life, and the court allows the victim to file for such damages.

Some of the non-economic damages that the plaintiff may claim include the following.

Emotional Distress

An individual injured in a canine attack can suffer from extreme emotional distress. In some cases, the injured individual may experience anxiety and depression, sometimes changing into permanent fear of dogs and even PTSD.

The court is liable to compensate the dog bite victim for emotional distress.

Pain and Suffering

The legal system also accounts for the ongoing physical pain and associated mental trauma and allows the injured individual to claim compensation for this cost.

Loss of Quality of Life

Certain dog bite injuries can be quite serious and may have life-long implications which can negatively affect the attacked person’s quality of life. In such instances, the court compensates for the lost quality of life.

Claim Your Damage Compensation

If you’ve survived a dog attack, you can claim compensation for all your losses. Whether you’ve survived physical injuries or emotional trauma, you’re eligible to claim for the damage. Following immediate medical treatment, it is best to seek legal assistance to file for your legitimate damage compensation.

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