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The Major Difference Between the Best Chinos for Men and Khaki Pants

When shopping around for bottom wear, the two popular choices that you will come across are the best chino pants for men and khaki pants. Both these bottom wear are trending right now for all the right reasons. Voth these pants are comfortable, versatile, affordable and durable. We can list down some other great similarities between the two but today, we are here to discuss some of the major differences between chinos and khakis. Just in case you have any confusion between the two, this guide will help you decide which one you want to invest in. Keep reading!

Chino pants vs khaki pants


The first major difference is the fabric of chinos and khakis. If you ever get confused between chinos or khaki pants and you want to choose the best one. You can check the fabric before making a purchase as the fabric of both pants are totally different. The chino pants are made of cotton blend material or purely cotton material. It also has a very tight weaving. Whereas the khaki pants are made up of material which is known as heavyweight cotton twill. You can easily differentiate between them by checking the fabric.


It’s really common for a person to get confused between chinos and khaki pants. So one of the main differences between chino pants and khaki pants is that the stitching of khaki pants is visible but the stitching of chinos are hidden. This is the main reason that chinos give a more furnished and formal look than khaki pants. The pockets of the khaki pants are visible whereas the pockets of chinos are properly concealed to give a refined look to your outfit.


The difference between chino pants and khaki pants which is visible is that the chino pants are mostly tight fit and have a narrow style. Whereas the khaki chino pants give a fuller look and Are less tight. By this difference, you can see that the khaki pants are much more comfortable than chino pants. Moreover, you can say that every khaki pants can be chino pants but every chino can’t be khaki. As modern chino pants come in various colors. In simpler words, you can say that chino is a fabric and khaki is a color.


As mentioned in the above point about the colors of chino pants. As we all know that the chino pants come in various color options you can choose any color as per your preference. But the khaki pants are only available in a single color. Now it’s totally up to you what you would like to purchase. If you go for chino pants there are various color options but if you go the khaki you will get comfort. Every person has a different Choice. Now it depends on you whether you want to choose comfort or fashion.

Chinos and khakis are distinguished based on the above-mentioned features. Now that you understand the difference, you can choose which one you want to add to your wardrobe.

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