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The most important user questions and answers about gaming chairs

How much does a good gaming chair cost?

Depending on the manufacturer and model,VM subwoofers there are also very cheap gaming chairs under 100 euros. However, these are often not recommended, as they have significant shortcomings in terms of ergonomics. Instead, if you’re on a budget, look for gaming chairs on offer, which is otherwise a bit more expensive. We also advise you to invest a little more money so that it is also a really good chair. Orient yourself on gaming chair tests and look at which chairs do well there and how much they cost.

Which is better – a gaming chair or an office chair?

If you use a chair exclusively for gaming, a real gaming chair is definitely recommended, which ergonomically has some important features. Especially the lack of upholstery in office chairs usually causes back pain when sitting for a long time, which you can quickly avoid with the right chair. Visit Ergotune for ergonomic Office chairs that are relaxing and comfortable chair.

Are there gaming chairs for children?

If you are looking for a good gaming chair for children, it plays a big role in how individually you can adjust this chair. For example, the seat height must be correspondingly low so that your child can still get his feet on the floor. The armrests should also be adjusted. In terms of color, you have quite a large selection. So you can buy a gaming chair in pink for your daughter or a gaming chair in camouflage for your son. But there are also neutral gaming chairs in white.

Do I have to pay attention to the maximum load capacity of the gaming chair?

As with other chairs, you should also pay attention to the resilience of gaming chairs. As a rule, the gaming chairs can withstand up to 150 kg in weight, which is usually enough. However, it doesn’t hurt to take a close look.

Are there gaming chairs with special effects?

Of course, in addition to the simple gaming chairs with cushions or footrests, there are also some models with other special effects. For example, some gaming chairs have LED lights integrated so that the chair is still an eye-catcher even in the dark. best floor standing speaker the already presented sound chairs have built-in speakers so that the sound comes out much better and louder when playing. If you value such bonus effects, you often have to take a little more money into your hands. Especially illuminated chairs such as the gaming chairs with LEDs do not cost very little.

How can the seat height of the SONGMICS OBG073B04 gaming chair be adjusted? With this gaming chair from the manufacturer SONGMICS, the seat height can be infinitely adjusted from 47 to 57 cm. This makes it equally suitable for taller and smaller people.

Is the Dowinx gaming chair equipped with extras?

This gaming chair from Dowinx has a massage cushion for the lumbar spine. In addition, the backrest can be infinitely adjusted and folded back almost completely.

What material is the Razer Iskur gaming chair made of?

The gaming chair by Iskur is made of multi-layer PVC synthetic leather. The manufacturer states this is more robust than conventional PU artificial leather.

Can the neck cushion of the HP Omen Citadel Gaming Chair be removed or is it firmly attached to the backrest?

The neck pillow of the HP Omen Citadel Gaming Chair is removable. The user can also lean his head directly against the backrest.

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